Blog 13: Single Payer Healthcare-Pro

So I got single payer healthcare. I got the pro side of this debate topic. My personal position on this is I am on the pro side because I believe this should be a thing and it definitely will be in a couple of years. I don’t know much about this topic yet but what I do know is that everyone will have the same benefits like when you get sick or hurt and you go to the hospital you won’t have to pay but then taxes will go up but that is fine because it will be helping a lot of people. It annoys me to think that people will get mad that the taxes will raise even tho it will help so many families but they don’t care because they’re ignorant. When I google this just a bunch of news articles on it pop up and they all pretty much say the same things over and over again. A logical approach on this would be that this will help so many families because now they will have insurance when usually they wouldn’t. Well this topic is mostly a pro than a con in my eyes but that doesn’t mean that there still aren’t little flaws in it. So this could be good and bad for families with little money because with then they would have to pay for insurance but then they would also have to pay more taxes and they might need that money but that is still better than spending a fortune on one hospital stop. There a lot of emotions about single payer healthcare because there will always be people who don’t like good things that could help people because they’re stingy and don’t want to “waste their money” although they most likely don’t need it as much as some families need free healthcare. Some people just need to get over themselves and realize that so many families need this help and there money will be very well spent. Some people also need to realize that this doesn’t just help the adults it helps the kids get what they need medically too.

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Blog 12: 2019 better be good

A good subject for a debate would be abortion. One side is pro-abortion  and the other side is anti-abortion. People who are pro-abortion then they think that all woman should be allowed to have the option of an abortion if they don’t want their baby. Then people who are anti-abortion do not think that abortion should be legal because that’s pretty much killing a baby or if you don’t want to call it a baby, it’s still a living thing. I am more anti-abortion but not fully. The way I see it is if a woman is raped then I think she should have the option for an abortion but if they’re just messing around and end up pregnant then no they shouldn’t get a choice, that’s their responsibility now because there are plenty of ways they could’ve prevented pregnancy.

Not going to lie 2018 did me dirty. I do not think I have ever stressed so much until this school year started. I think its giving my gray hairs. Honesty I don’t even know what I would change at this point I’m too overwhelmed to care. But the thing I would improve would be that I need to improve my confidence when it comes to taking tests, I stress out wayyy too much when it comes to them and it is probably not good for my health. Now that I think about it I actually stress about everything but for tests it’s just more noticeable. I could also improve on trying not to procrastinate anymore because that’s like all I do. What I can do this week is just relax a bit instead of stress about little things like homework. The only thing that would prevent me from improving these things would be myself and I feel like I’ll just give up trying and that will stress me out even more of course. So my new years resolution is going to be to stop stressing but we all know nobody follows threw on those suckers but I’ll try my best. 2019 better be good I am really counting on it man.

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