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Well as you may know I don’t really care what I say around people and I will state my honest opinion so it’s really not a surprise that I struggled with silence and sincerity. I’m not really good at biting my tongue sometimes and I should really start working on that. Also most of the time I don’t really think before I say anything so that’s another thing I need to work on. But anyways I also couldn’t follow through with temperance because like when am I not snacking just because I’m bored… it might be a bit of a problem but you know what I’m just gonna keep going with it. Like I snack all the time in your class and in a couple other classes just because I feel like it not because I’m really really hungry. Tranquility I had a really hard time following only because I let the smallest things get to me. I don’t know why I let this happen but I do all the time and it’s really not a good thing because it stresses me out (as if I wasn’t already stressed out enough). This is one thing that I really need to work on because I could definitely benefit from it. On the other hand the reason I also struggled with industry because I constantly have things and work to do but some of it really isn’t beneficial to me at all and it’s more like busy work. Also I’m not going to lie… I do nap a lot when I get the chance because I sometimes can’t function without them but during those like 4 hour naps I could be getting work done buttttt I’ll never stop napping so that’s a lost cause. I would go insane without naps. So the last one I struggled with was frugality. This one I really can’t help because I don’t really realize I’m doing it until like I’m looking back at it now, but then again I could be like ten times worse with this virtue I’m really not that bad but it could get worse.

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Blog 10: I think we should be done with poetry

My first impression of the poem “The Dodo’s Conundrum” was just straight confusion. It just really didn’t make sense to me at all and not going to lie I still don’t really understand it. I’m pretty sure I read it a good 10 times at least and none of it makes sense. So when it comes to the theme of this poem I’m a bit clueless but I think I might have the gist of it down.  So what I’ve figured out is that it’s talking about how to make a “perfect” world I guess. Well the whole poem in general is very confusing to me and I’m not exactly sure what specifically is so hard for me to grasp. Like I feel that every time I read it I don’t retain it at all maybe that’s why I’m so confused but I don’t know. No question about this poem was easier than any of the questions about “Eldorado” only because you see I understood what was going on in it but not this one. I’ve had so many people try to explain this poem to me and I still don”t get it so I give up it’s just a lost hope at this point. Writing two poems has not made it any easier to read and analyze other poems at all. When I wrote my poems I made them easy because yo know that’s the only thing I’m capable of because I’m not a poet here. So when I read other poems by legit poets they make no sense because I guess poets like to just make you question everything you just read. They also like to make their poems have multiple meanings so you never know what they actually wanted it to mean. AND they like to use words that nobody has ever heard of before so then you have to take extra time and go look up the words so you know what they’re  even saying. I say we should be done with poetry though because I’m about done with this crap, and if we aren’t done with poetry yet at least give us an easy one that’s all I’m asking man.

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