Blog 9: I still don’t like poetry

Honestly my view didn’t change what so ever. I hated poetry before we started this unit and I still hate it now. It’s so boring and hard to understand it’s just a waste of time because there’s sometimes so many ways to interpret just one poem and who knows what way is the right way. Writing poems with restrictions compared to not made it a little easier to understand why somethings are done but no it did not help me understand or change the way I look at other peoples poems. The difference between my first poem and my second was definitely my approach on it. The second poem was a lot easier to do than the second only because I feel as though I was a lot more prepared for the second one like I knew what was coming my way. But for the first one I think I was more scared to write because I’ve never written like a real poem before and it was just stressful. Also for the second poem I tried not to procrastinate as much like I did for the first one and that just helped a lot too because I wasn’t really worried about it then. My second poem was about how Thanksgiving goes down in my house. I talked about the craziness and about the tempers flying left and right but then I also talked about how I loved the food and how good everything always smells. I chose this topic because it was right before Thanksgiving and all I could think about was that because I could’t wait for the food any longer. Also quick story I was so mad because I couldn’t enjoy my food on Thanksgiving because I got sick and could barely swallow due to my throat being so swollen… it was not fun… I do not recommend trying to eat Thanksgiving dinner with a swollen throat. I could incorporate visuals to me poem by just adding detailed pictures to it to help the reader understand it and get a clear image of what I’m talking about in the poem, like that guy did in the video you made us watch.

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Blog 8: Poetry


I have a love hate relationship with poetry because some poems I really like and think are good but then others are just god awful. So I liked the Eldorado but the Raven I couldn’t really understand because I didn’t know what was happening half of the time.  Actually now that I think of it there are a lot of poems I don’t understand only because of how they’re worded. Like why do the poets make their poems so hard to read??? I am just lost most of the time while reading them. The discussion about the Eldorado was not that bad because that was one of the very few poems I sort of understood. You did point some things out that I did not even realize about the poem though. But other than that I knew what was going on (I think). If you want me to be honest I still have no idea what to write me poem about. I was thinking writing like a horror poem but then I changed my mind. So then I was going to write about how stressful homework was and changed my mind again. THEN I was thinking about writing it about food but now I do not know if I want to anymore. This is such a stressful process maybe I should just write it about how hard bit is to write a poem. Actually that’s a really good idea maybe I’ll do that but watch I’ll change my mind again I know I will. Between your class O-Chem and play auditions I’m surprised I didn’t have a stroke or grow grey hairs because I honestly felt like I was dying, I don’t think I’ve ever been more stressed. Well anyways back to my poem still have no idea what to do. This is rough I am struggling a bit. Maybe I will write about my dumb cats or something like that. Or maybe about Thanksgiving because I can’t wait for the food. I’ll probably just do that. OR about Christmas oooo that’s a good one I like that.

This was how I felt all week:

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