Blog 16: Civil Disobedience

Honestly I feel like I do believe that “that government is best which governs least?” because sometimes the government just shouldn’t get involved in some things, but then again it only seems like they never get involved when they are really need and they just focus on things they shouldn’t be. The role of government is supposed to be that they make major decisions and help and keep the people safe. Its role in relation to individual citizens is in my eyes to just makes their lives easier for them. I feel like almost all governments command your respect. I think that the reason why they do this is so the government can feel more in control of us all (it makes them feel better about themselves). The role of civil disobedience today is a lot of people are constantly protesting the government because they believe that the government does not do enough for us citizens (which is sometimes very true. Yes this is still very effective, well at least I think it is but some people do not agree with me. protesting gives us a sense of a voice against the government and so then maybe they will hear us and take our thoughts into consideration. In this guys work he talks about hoe eventually we shouldn’t have a government because it does nothing for us and that we should start this off by speaking up about our opinions. He pretty much is just telling us how bad the government is throughout the whole thing then at the end tells us to rebel because we technically do not need a government. Kind of talks about it like it just a waste of space. I think that we should have a government but I do believe that they should do a little bit more for us citizens and not get into stuff that they should not be

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Blog 15: Thoreau’s Attempt

Not going to lie I literally almost fell asleep while readingĀ  these excepts, it was a struggle getting through them. There was one really clear connection between Thoreau’s thoughts and Emerson’s to me. The connection is that Emerson talked about how nothings perfect and that everybody should want to be unique and that you should embrace your own uniqueness, then Thoreau talked about how you should care what king of how you live in whether its nice or not the only thing that matters are the memories made and the quality of life. To me they were pretty much say something very similar but just using different analogies to get the point across. I think they both mean that you shouldn’t care how different you are you should just care about making yourself happy and make good memories to remember while your’e at it. The beginning portion and the conclusion are very much connected. It starts off with him gazing at the water to then burrowing into the earth, just as expert shows a progress from observation to contemplation. There could be so many benefits of leaving society behind, like then you would have to live up to its social standards and you could just be yourself. Also another benefit would be that then there would be constant anxiety from the societies environment. Honesty if I were to do this I would miss my phone of course because I like to be in the loop of things, I would also miss seeing what the ridiculous social standard would be because sometimes they’re a bit extra and it funny. Even though I would miss a lot of thing I think I could definitely do it and it would probably be good for me to just get away from societies stresses for a little bit, actually it would probably help a lot of people when I think about it. I think the big thing that modern readers should take out of this should be that nothing will ever be perfect, especially people. They should also take out of this that its okay to be unique because that’s what nature intended.

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Blog 14: End of Argument


As you may know I like to argue. About little things, big things you name it, but when it came to this argument I actually did not want to for once (which is a surprise I know). In the beginning of this unit I really did not know how hard it is to create a good real argument, but while I was trying to make it I learned that very quickly. I also quickly realized that I use a lot of appeal to emotion and ad hominem in my everyday arguments so when I was writing this real one it was very hard trying to catch myself from using those fallacies. I also learned that I am not as good at arguing as I thought I was originally. I definitely do think about argument differently now and I give props to whoever has to argue like that all the time because it is not as fun as my type of arguing. Trying to make this argument was pretty difficult because like I said before I use a lot of ad hominem and appeal to emotion and that is a bit of a problem when it comes to this kind of argument. Honestly not going to lie I probably did not catch all of those fallacies because it is really hard to see them, well at least to me it is. This experience writing this speech was so hard I hated it. I feel like if we were to have actually debate in class it would have maybe been a bit easier only because I would have the chance to listen to the other sides argument and get to ask questions based off of what they said also it would have made writing the rebuttal a lot easier, but at the same time I am glad we did not have to do the debate in class because I might have been a bit nervous. I also was excited to be able to dress up but now I can’t but it is fine I would rather not have the debate in class.

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Blog 13: Single Payer Healthcare-Pro

So I got single payer healthcare. I got the pro side of this debate topic. My personal position on this is I am on the pro side because I believe this should be a thing and it definitely will be in a couple of years. I don’t know much about this topic yet but what I do know is that everyone will have the same benefits like when you get sick or hurt and you go to the hospital you won’t have to pay but then taxes will go up but that is fine because it will be helping a lot of people. It annoys me to think that people will get mad that the taxes will raise even tho it will help so many families but they don’t care because they’re ignorant. When I google this just a bunch of news articles on it pop up and they all pretty much say the same things over and over again. A logical approach on this would be that this will help so many families because now they will have insurance when usually they wouldn’t. Well this topic is mostly a pro than a con in my eyes but that doesn’t mean that there still aren’t little flaws in it. So this could be good and bad for families with little money because with then they would have to pay for insurance but then they would also have to pay more taxes and they might need that money but that is still better than spending a fortune on one hospital stop. There a lot of emotions about single payer healthcare because there will always be people who don’t like good things that could help people because they’re stingy and don’t want to “waste their money” although they most likely don’t need it as much as some families need free healthcare. Some people just need to get over themselves and realize that so many families need this help and there money will be very well spent. Some people also need to realize that this doesn’t just help the adults it helps the kids get what they need medically too.

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Blog 12: 2019 better be good

A good subject for a debate would be abortion. One side is pro-abortionĀ  and the other side is anti-abortion. People who are pro-abortion then they think that all woman should be allowed to have the option of an abortion if they don’t want their baby. Then people who are anti-abortion do not think that abortion should be legal because that’s pretty much killing a baby or if you don’t want to call it a baby, it’s still a living thing. I am more anti-abortion but not fully. The way I see it is if a woman is raped then I think she should have the option for an abortion but if they’re just messing around and end up pregnant then no they shouldn’t get a choice, that’s their responsibility now because there are plenty of ways they could’ve prevented pregnancy.

Not going to lie 2018 did me dirty. I do not think I have ever stressed so much until this school year started. I think its giving my gray hairs. Honesty I don’t even know what I would change at this point I’m too overwhelmed to care. But the thing I would improve would be that I need to improve my confidence when it comes to taking tests, I stress out wayyy too much when it comes to them and it is probably not good for my health. Now that I think about it I actually stress about everything but for tests it’s just more noticeable. I could also improve on trying not to procrastinate anymore because that’s like all I do. What I can do this week is just relax a bit instead of stress about little things like homework. The only thing that would prevent me from improving these things would be myself and I feel like I’ll just give up trying and that will stress me out even more of course. So my new years resolution is going to be to stop stressing but we all know nobody follows threw on those suckers but I’ll try my best. 2019 better be good I am really counting on it man.

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Blog 11:















Well as you may know I don’t really care what I say around people and I will state my honest opinion so it’s really not a surprise that I struggled with silence and sincerity. I’m not really good at biting my tongue sometimes and I should really start working on that. Also most of the time I don’t really think before I say anything so that’s another thing I need to work on. But anyways I also couldn’t follow through with temperance because like when am I not snacking just because I’m bored… it might be a bit of a problem but you know what I’m just gonna keep going with it. Like I snack all the time in your class and in a couple other classes just because I feel like it not because I’m really really hungry. Tranquility I had a really hard time following only because I let the smallest things get to me. I don’t know why I let this happen but I do all the time and it’s really not a good thing because it stresses me out (as if I wasn’t already stressed out enough). This is one thing that I really need to work on because I could definitely benefit from it. On the other hand the reason I also struggled with industry because I constantly have things and work to do but some of it really isn’t beneficial to me at all and it’s more like busy work. Also I’m not going to lie… I do nap a lot when I get the chance because I sometimes can’t function without them but during those like 4 hour naps I could be getting work done buttttt I’ll never stop napping so that’s a lost cause. I would go insane without naps. So the last one I struggled with was frugality. This one I really can’t help because I don’t really realize I’m doing it until like I’m looking back at it now, but then again I could be like ten times worse with this virtue I’m really not that bad but it could get worse.

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Blog 10: I think we should be done with poetry

My first impression of the poem “The Dodo’s Conundrum” was just straight confusion. It just really didn’t make sense to me at all and not going to lie I still don’t really understand it. I’m pretty sure I read it a good 10 times at least and none of it makes sense. So when it comes to the theme of this poem I’m a bit clueless but I think I might have the gist of it down.Ā  So what I’ve figured out is that it’s talking about how to make a “perfect” world I guess. Well the whole poem in general is very confusing to me and I’m not exactly sure what specifically is so hard for me to grasp. Like I feel that every time I read it I don’t retain it at all maybe that’s why I’m so confused but I don’t know. No question about this poem was easier than any of the questions about “Eldorado” only because you see I understood what was going on in it but not this one. I’ve had so many people try to explain this poem to me and I still don”t get it so I give up it’s just a lost hope at this point. Writing two poems has not made it any easier to read and analyze other poems at all. When I wrote my poems I made them easy because yo know that’s the only thing I’m capable of because I’m not a poet here. So when I read other poems by legit poets they make no sense because I guess poets like to just make you question everything you just read. They also like to make their poems have multiple meanings so you never know what they actually wanted it to mean. AND they like to use words that nobody has ever heard of before so then you have to take extra time and go look up the words so you know what they’reĀ  even saying. I say we should be done with poetry though because I’m about done with this crap, and if we aren’t done with poetry yet at least give us an easy one that’s all I’m asking man.

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Blog 9: I still don’t like poetry

Honestly my view didn’t change what so ever. I hated poetry before we started this unit and I still hate it now. It’s so boring and hard to understand it’s just a waste of time because there’s sometimes so many ways to interpret just one poem and who knows what way is the right way. Writing poems with restrictions compared to not made it a little easier to understand why somethings are done but no it did not help me understand or change the way I look at other peoples poems. The difference between my first poem and my second was definitely my approach on it. The second poem was a lot easier to do than the second only because I feel as though I was a lot more prepared for the second one like I knew what was coming my way. But for the first one I think I was more scared to write because I’ve never written like a real poem before and it was just stressful. Also for the second poem I tried not to procrastinate as much like I did for the first one and that just helped a lot too because I wasn’t really worried about it then. My second poem was about how Thanksgiving goes down in my house. I talked about the craziness and about the tempers flying left and right but then I also talked about how I loved the food and how good everything always smells. I chose this topic because it was right before Thanksgiving and all I could think about was that because I could’t wait for the food any longer. Also quick story I was so mad because IĀ couldn’t enjoy my food on Thanksgiving because I got sick and could barely swallow due to my throat being so swollen… it was not fun… I do not recommend trying to eat Thanksgiving dinner with a swollen throat. I could incorporate visuals to me poem by just adding detailed pictures to it to help the reader understand it and get a clear image of what I’m talking about in the poem, like that guy did in the video you made us watch.

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Blog 8: Poetry


I have a love hate relationship with poetry because some poems I really like and think are good but then others are just god awful. So I liked the Eldorado but the Raven I couldn’t really understand because I didn’t know what was happening half of the time.Ā  Actually now that I think of it there are a lot of poems I don’t understand only because of how they’re worded. Like why do the poets make their poems so hard to read??? I am just lost most of the time while reading them. The discussion about the Eldorado was not that bad because that was one of the very few poems I sort of understood. You did point some things out that I did not even realize about the poem though. But other than that I knew what was going on (I think). If you want me to be honest I still have no idea what to write me poem about. I was thinking writing like a horror poem but then I changed my mind. So then I was going to write about how stressful homework was and changed my mind again. THEN I was thinking about writing it about food but now I do not know if I want to anymore. This is such a stressful process maybe I should just write it about how hard bit is to write a poem. Actually that’s a really good idea maybe I’ll do that but watch I’ll change my mind again I know I will. Between your class O-Chem and play auditions I’m surprised I didn’t have a stroke or grow grey hairs because I honestly felt like I was dying, I don’t think I’ve ever been more stressed. Well anyways back to my poem still have no idea what to do. This is rough I am struggling a bit. Maybe I will write about my dumb cats or something like that. Or maybe about Thanksgiving because I can’t wait for the food. I’ll probably just do that. OR about Christmas oooo that’s a good one I like that.

This was how I felt all week:

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