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Blog 22

Right off the bat, I didn’t like this film because I missed the first day we watched it. So when I watched it on my own time I already knew the ending since I saw it in class. I wouldn’t say it was good, but it wasn’t horrible. I was interested in it the whole time but only because If I watch a movie I have to finish it. Definitely won’t be watching again, it didn’t please me that much. I think what we’re supposed to take away from this film is that money won’t always buy happiness. Kane had all the money in the world but still lost his most prized possession. This is a good life lesson because sometimes people only believe they need money to be happy. In some situations yes, that’s true, but your own happiness and health are way more important.  For the “American Dream” everyone always wants to be successful and almost have everything handed to them. I don’t know why being wealthy is always so prioritized because there is so much more to living. Yes, again it would be nice but look at the bigger picture. Charles can’t be happy because he doesn’t have his happiness. Trying to win someone over with your wealth and not for who you are can be hard to keep on top of. That’s exactly what happened to Charles. The key features of his life like his money, power, and who he was, basically ruined him. For the money, he thought he was high up and he could buy his love. Power is the same as money, they come together.  Him being so high up in society also played a part because this let him have some advantages. In the end, he never got his happiness because he let all of these elements get to him. He should’ve taken a step back and looked at what he was doing to the people around him. But we can’t always help everyone.

Blog 21

I first poem that I read, “The love song” didn’t catch my eye at first. As I read it a second time though I understood it more. The theme I would say is obviously love.  The man is trying to talk to this girl but doesn’t quite have the confidence or think he’s good enough for her.  But also throughout the poem, he talks more about himself than the girl.  In the poem it says, “do I dare Disturb the universe?” I feel this hints that he doesn’t feel he has a place in the world so why would it even be worth going after her? In the second poem, Disillusionment of 10 o’clock, the theme here is how society acts. Everyone supposedly is wearing white nightgowns, not any color. This means that everyone is the same, no one actually likes to go out on their own and be different.  The sailor, on the other hand, is dreaming of catching tigers in red weather. This confused me when I first read it but when we discussed it in class it made sense. The sailor is dreaming and using his imagination, unlike the other people who are boring. What I got from this poem was in order to use your imagination you have to branch off from what other people are doing to get the inspiration. The last poems, “anyone lived in a pretty how town”, theme is death.  The use of “anyone” and “no one” made it feel that it can really be anyone’s name in there. Everyone is going to die so there’s no point in giving it a name. The use of “spring summer autumn winter” in the poem let us know that more time is passing by and it’s not going to stop. This should be a message to people to not be so self-absorbed. All three of these poems connect by discussing death, love, and being different. The most important one out of the 3 would definitely be “anyone who lived in a pretty how town”. This one really digs into why you shouldn’t be afraid of death. It happens to everyone so you shouldn’t be scared of it happening.  Also reading it should help people think and care more for the world around them. The poem that I liked the most was “The love song” I think a lot of people can connect to the feeling of being afraid to talk to someone you care about but not feeling as worthy.

Frog Jumping & robots?

While reading “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County,” a lot of thoughts were going through my head. First, my overall impression was that I liked it. It was easy to read and also different from everything else we’ve been doing in class. It was kinda tricky trying to find out what was really going on at first. Doing the analysis questions help a lot.  Question 11 on the paper was one of the tricky ones.  Why did Twain have Wheeler,  rather than the narrator, relay the story of Jim Smiley? At first, I was just like cause it’s more interesting but this is the satire almost in it. Twain wants us to see the story from Wheeler’s perspective to see what he’s seeing.

I think I’m going to enjoy reading “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”. Just from what we were discussing in class, it sounds like something I’m going to be interested in. After reading the short story I feel there will still be a lot of humor and satire. Just from reading the first chapter I thought it was interesting that he’s literally talking to the reader asking if you know him from the Adventures of Tom Sawyer. That the only thing that really caught my eye. Discussing the characters helped a lot. A backstory is always good to help get a sense of what the feel of the book will be.

I have A LOT to say about the video Imom. I couldn’t even image of coming up with something like that. Yes, it was creative and sent a message but honestly wtf. The feeling of it really creeped it out. It was dark and grayish for the whole time. What really shocked me was the whole baby and chicken thing. I don’t even need to explain, you already know. The main thing that was being satirized was the different kind of moms. The overprotective mom, the party mom, etc. The party parents were my favorite because you see it all the time. Shining a light on this concern was really smart. I’m sure when people first saw it they freaked out but it’s honestly the truth. A lot of parents don’t take time to care or their own children. Then when their not there they miss out on bigger things. But I mean nothing is bigger than your imom cutting your baby up and not the chicken.

Blog 19

When I heard that we were now looking at Satire I got pretty excited.  Humor is the #1 thing I go to when I’m feeling down.  Satire has always been around me and I catch myself using it almost every day. When people say little comments that are lowkey offensive to someone I always catch myself laughing along because that’s what I find funny. When I watch Tv shows they are usually south park, American dad, and the boondocks. These shows use a lot of dark humor (which is my favorite kind of humor). Yes, it can become controversial at some times but they also pinpoint a lot of world issues. Of course in a sense that it can be taken as a joke.  People will always get offended it’s just how things work. As I said above dark humor is my go to.  While scrolling through Instagram or twitter this is all I see.  Reaction photos itself kill me (not literally). It being so random at times makes it 10x more laughable. SNL

and  From the start, I don’t know a thing about Mark Twain. But from doing a little research I learned that Mark Twain uses a lot of sloppy and unreified writing. It’s said that it makes his characters looked uneducated and such but that’s what you want sometimes. Not all people will have the vocabulary of someone who had more time in the world and more education. Something that I found interesting about him was that he saw his brothers death a month before it happened. He had gotten his younger brother Henry a job on aboard a vessel. Twain himself quit because he got into an argument with the pilot. But a month earlier he had a dream seeing his brother lay in a coffin, which would later actually happen. He had a lot of guilt towards it because he felt he was responsible for his death. He later thought he possessed psychic powers and it increased his inte

rest in parapsychology.

Blog 18: Vertigo

When I heard that we were going to be watching Vertigo I was actually pretty excited because watching a movie in class is better than doing work. But also I enjoy movies with a lot of suspense and twists.  I don’t usually judge a movie before I watch it because if I do I will end up loving it. So far watching it I’m very interested, movies that mess with you throughout it are my favorite because you really have to pay attention if you want to understand it. That’s mostly what I like about it so far including the overall feel of it. Since its an older movie, I thought I wouldn’t be able to actually get into it but I thought wrong.  One thing I don’t like about it though is when the music changes in the movie you automatically know something is gonna happen. I guess that happens in every movie, but I think its more obvious in this one. Might also be because of the date it was made. If I were to change the movie for a more modern audience I would change a number of things. One, I would change how long it takes to introduce the characters. Today I don’t think the credits in the beginning and the calmness of how the characters are introduced would appeal today. Instead, I would go straight into the movie. Maybe even make the introduction of the characters more suspense full yes, they already are but It would make the movie even better. Other than that I wouldn’t change anything. It reached my exceptions and had me shook. It was aesthetically pleasing with the environment and scenery. I would have never thought of a twist like this though. Definitely caught my eye and will definitely be watching it again to pinpoint different hints and clues.

song of myself

My first reaction when reading ‘song of myself’ was very confusing The first section wasn’t bad but when my group got a section to analyze, that’s when it got challenging. It’s hard as it is to try to interpret someone else’s thoughts but, when you’re in a group trying to do it all together it’s even harder.  I really thought we were done with poetry in this class but obviously, I was wrong. I feel that this is the only thing we’ll do.  My group was assigned to section 6 of the poem. In this section the main topic was grass. Mostly that grass acts as a metaphor for society. Whitman’s devotion to a Transcendentalist philosophy makes it difficult to understand what he’s trying to say. You can think of a lot of different things about what it means but everyone has a different view. To me, this affects his writing because he’s trying to make every little thing come back to transcendentalism even when it doesn’t really make sense. The lines in my section that I feel are the most important are the first few. “A child said What is the grass? fetching it to me with full hands; How could I answer the child? I do not know what it is any more than he.”  This sets the mood for the poem. Very questioning throughout the whole thing. The second part of the poem is now about death. What I got from it is that everything is a cycle, it all comes together in the end. The part that supports that is, “They are alive and well somewhere, The smallest sprout shows there is really no death”. So the meaning of grass makes more sense later on.  Since it is later on and we have already read the poem as a class and did things with our group, I’m not having as many difficulties. The poem gives a good message about life in general that everyone should take into play sometime in their lifetime. Besides that, my gif examples perfectly how I feel during this lesson. Confused.

blog 16

In some situations yes, I do agree that the government is best which governs least. In my opinion, I believe the government gets too involved in peoples day to day lives of just living. I feel there’s a disconnect between what people need as a human and how the government needs to run. The role of the government is to enforce laws and make the best decisions for its citizens. But at the point we’re at right now I don’t think that’s happening. In my eyes, the government doesn’t actually care about its people. Since recent events, it showed that tremendously. The role of the individual citizen is to obey the laws and live their life as they want. The government needs to be more respectful of other peoples decisions and what they value. I’m not saying they should allow people to do whatever they want when they want but to an extent, they should have a say in what they want to do. When Thoreau states “Let every man make known what kind of government would command his respect, and that will be one step toward obtaining it” I feel this is still very relevant today. When people come together to protest an issue in the government this makes known that they want changes and you’ll get their respect when you make these changes. The government that commands my respect is a government that respects everyone’s values and beliefs. For example abortion, there is a lot of different views on this topic. But I don’t think the government should be as strict as they are with it. No one should be able to tell someone they can’t have an abortion because it goes against what that specific person believes in. This is where I feel there needs to be some sort of disconnect, especially with health concerns. Civil Disobedience today is still growing and changing. People can still come together and protest something that they saw needs a change. Different kinds of Disobedience has helped numerous issues all over the world and will continue to start major movements. Without it, we wouldn’t see the world moving forward. I included my favorite picture of all times..

blog 15

When reading the excerpt from “Walden” It was hard for me to understand what was happening. It bored me to the point where I was just reading words with no meaning. But the connections made were pretty visible. In Walden Thoreau is trying to disconnect himself from the world. He wants to live his life as simple as possible without having material things to help him get by. Him being on his farm is all he needs pretty much to survive. In Emerson’s Nature and self- reliance, he more depends on nature to help him get by. The connection is that they only need things that come on the earth naturally and that you don’t need anything else. Respecting the earth for what it is will always help you.  The main idea of “Where I lived and What I Lived for” is Thoreau would rather live somewhere for the fact he will be away from society rather than where and what the quality of the place will be.  In the conclusion, Thoreau says, “It is remarkable how easily and insensibly we fall into a particular route, and make a beaten track for ourselves.” When I read this I got the feeling that he was trying to say that you don’t have to live a life where its the same thing every day. Going off of the “route” sometimes isn’t bad when you still need to discover things about yourself and things around you.  The benefits of leaving behind the society and living in the woods would be a hard thing to adapt to. Coming from a place where everything revolves around what society thinks of you can help you love yourself but also I think I wouldn’t be able to handle not knowing what’s happening all around.  But in the end, it would be very rewarding knowing that you could handle with just being with your surroundings and nature. A modern reader can take a lot from what we’ve read in regards to Transcendentalism. Personally, I’ve reflected a lot on what I have and how I live my days compared to how I would live if I didn’t have all the material things that keep me sane. Other people would benefit a lot from even reading a little bit of what we’ve done.

blog 14

Not doing the debate was a big relief to me. If I had to do it I wouldn’t have been prepared at all. I still technically didn’t finish it because I don’t know what a due date is. When I think of arguing about a debate I do enjoy it but, if I don’t know what I’m arguing about (like the topic I have) I’m not going to.  It also didn’t help that I was the con side when I supported the pro side. I believe the way I argue isn’t bad at all, I consider both sides and I’m not obnoxiously being annoying trying to make the other side mad. It’s good to not do this because then your not really trying to debate your topics, your just flat out arguing.  This might be the same for my peers but for some I know it’s not. Since everyone has their own opinion it’s hard for many to accept the other side. When adults argue it’s a bit more formal and put together. If they were to argue with my peers it would be a mess. I feel they wouldn’t take us seriously since most adults never want to listen to what a kid has to say.  The process of making a valid argument was kinda difficult in my eyes. If you don’t know anything about the topic you have to do it’s even harder. Coming up with the questions for your opponent was the hardest. You never know what they’re going to say back so it really put you on the spot. My thoughts from the start of the unit to the end didn’t change at all. Developing a persuasive speech wasn’t as difficult as I thought but, I wouldn’t do it again.  Unless it’s on something that I already have knowledge about and can enjoy researching it I might reconsider. But if its Single-payer healthcare again probably not. Researching this topic was a pain. First I didn’t even know it was a thing so I felt I couldn’t give my full opinion on it. I most likely took an L on it but, I’m glad it’s over.

blog 13

The topic that I got for the debate was the con side of single-payer healthcare. I don’t really know which side I personally side with because I haven’t learned enough about it to have an opinion.  But as I’m researching it I believe that I side more with the pro side. I can see some points from each side that make sense but the pro side seems more reasonable.  Before doing my research the only thing I really knew about it was that its a “single” payer. Also that Canada has it. The results that I got with the basic google search was mostly for the pro side. I feel that I couldn’t find as much for the con side considering most of the world will soon all have this kind of healthcare.  One way I plan to address this is to pinpoint all of the expenses and how it’s going to affect people that don’t always use their health care. Also, more people might use this to an advantage. Another problem I saw while researching was how this isn’t going to help the shortage of doctors and medical officials. There is an expected shortage of available doctors that may reach 100,000 providers by the year 2025.  Another problem is the wait time to even be seen to go to the hospital. Taxation is also the main income for single payer healthcare. Many households would experience a net savings when transitioning to such a system. The average cost of health insurance in 2016 was $833 per month, with an average deductible for a family of about $8,000. That means for a household earning $100,000 almost 16% of their income goes to healthcare costs. In Canada and the United Kingdom, wait times can be excessively long to receive a non-emergency approved surgery. Patients can often wait longer than 8 months for needed surgery. This issue will bring emotions into play because no one wants to wait months for a surgery that is gonna save their lives and if they don’t get it they might not make it because there was such a long wait.  Also, the effort to innovate will slowly become a problem. If every doctor and medical professional are getting the same pay even though they are doing drastically different jobs. Some might not provide their top quality care. I hope this blog made sense because I have no idea what any of it means.