Blog 22

Right off the bat, I didn’t like this film because I missed the first day we watched it. So when I watched it on my own time I already knew the ending since I saw it in class. I wouldn’t say it was good, but it wasn’t horrible. I was interested in it the whole time but only because If I watch a movie I have to finish it. Definitely won’t be watching again, it didn’t please me that much. I think what we’re supposed to take away from this film is that money won’t always buy happiness. Kane had all the money in the world but still lost his most prized possession. This is a good life lesson because sometimes people only believe they need money to be happy. In some situations yes, that’s true, but your own happiness and health are way more important.  For the “American Dream” everyone always wants to be successful and almost have everything handed to them. I don’t know why being wealthy is always so prioritized because there is so much more to living. Yes, again it would be nice but look at the bigger picture. Charles can’t be happy because he doesn’t have his happiness. Trying to win someone over with your wealth and not for who you are can be hard to keep on top of. That’s exactly what happened to Charles. The key features of his life like his money, power, and who he was, basically ruined him. For the money, he thought he was high up and he could buy his love. Power is the same as money, they come together.  Him being so high up in society also played a part because this let him have some advantages. In the end, he never got his happiness because he let all of these elements get to him. He should’ve taken a step back and looked at what he was doing to the people around him. But we can’t always help everyone.

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