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I first poem that I read, “The love song” didn’t catch my eye at first. As I read it a second time though I understood it more. The theme I would say is obviously love.  The man is trying to talk to this girl but doesn’t quite have the confidence or think he’s good enough for her.  But also throughout the poem, he talks more about himself than the girl.  In the poem it says, “do I dare Disturb the universe?” I feel this hints that he doesn’t feel he has a place in the world so why would it even be worth going after her? In the second poem, Disillusionment of 10 o’clock, the theme here is how society acts. Everyone supposedly is wearing white nightgowns, not any color. This means that everyone is the same, no one actually likes to go out on their own and be different.  The sailor, on the other hand, is dreaming of catching tigers in red weather. This confused me when I first read it but when we discussed it in class it made sense. The sailor is dreaming and using his imagination, unlike the other people who are boring. What I got from this poem was in order to use your imagination you have to branch off from what other people are doing to get the inspiration. The last poems, “anyone lived in a pretty how town”, theme is death.  The use of “anyone” and “no one” made it feel that it can really be anyone’s name in there. Everyone is going to die so there’s no point in giving it a name. The use of “spring summer autumn winter” in the poem let us know that more time is passing by and it’s not going to stop. This should be a message to people to not be so self-absorbed. All three of these poems connect by discussing death, love, and being different. The most important one out of the 3 would definitely be “anyone who lived in a pretty how town”. This one really digs into why you shouldn’t be afraid of death. It happens to everyone so you shouldn’t be scared of it happening.  Also reading it should help people think and care more for the world around them. The poem that I liked the most was “The love song” I think a lot of people can connect to the feeling of being afraid to talk to someone you care about but not feeling as worthy.

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