Frog Jumping & robots?

While reading “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County,” a lot of thoughts were going through my head. First, my overall impression was that I liked it. It was easy to read and also different from everything else we’ve been doing in class. It was kinda tricky trying to find out what was really going on at first. Doing the analysis questions help a lot.  Question 11 on the paper was one of the tricky ones.  Why did Twain have Wheeler,  rather than the narrator, relay the story of Jim Smiley? At first, I was just like cause it’s more interesting but this is the satire almost in it. Twain wants us to see the story from Wheeler’s perspective to see what he’s seeing.

I think I’m going to enjoy reading “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”. Just from what we were discussing in class, it sounds like something I’m going to be interested in. After reading the short story I feel there will still be a lot of humor and satire. Just from reading the first chapter I thought it was interesting that he’s literally talking to the reader asking if you know him from the Adventures of Tom Sawyer. That the only thing that really caught my eye. Discussing the characters helped a lot. A backstory is always good to help get a sense of what the feel of the book will be.

I have A LOT to say about the video Imom. I couldn’t even image of coming up with something like that. Yes, it was creative and sent a message but honestly wtf. The feeling of it really creeped it out. It was dark and grayish for the whole time. What really shocked me was the whole baby and chicken thing. I don’t even need to explain, you already know. The main thing that was being satirized was the different kind of moms. The overprotective mom, the party mom, etc. The party parents were my favorite because you see it all the time. Shining a light on this concern was really smart. I’m sure when people first saw it they freaked out but it’s honestly the truth. A lot of parents don’t take time to care or their own children. Then when their not there they miss out on bigger things. But I mean nothing is bigger than your imom cutting your baby up and not the chicken.

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