blog 12

Climate Change: I’m more towards side 1 because we see every day how it is affecting our planet. Easy daily changes can help this if everyone comes together.

  • Side 1- human-made gases and human activity are primarily responsible for global climate change
  • Side 2- Earth’s climate has always been warming and cooling

Testing on animals: I believe testing on animals isn’t necessary. We should be making products that are free of any toxins or chemicals if you are going to test on animals. Doing this could eliminate it completely.

  • Side 1- Animal testing is cruel and alternative method now exist
  • Side 2- contributed to many life-saving cures and treatments.

Shutting down zoos:  I think zoos should be shut down because some facilities abuse their animals. They are also enclosed in small spaces and taken from their home lands.

  • Side 1- Enclosures are small, they are forced to breed, animals get sick because of different climates and human handling.
  • Side 2- Protect endangered animals, provide a safe place to rehabilitate a potentially lost species and preserve it for future generations.

This year has been literal Hell. It was the longest year I have ever experienced, and I’m so glad it’s over. To be honest, nothing feels real anymore I don’t know if its a glitch in the simulation or me. Literally, yesterday was August and we were starting school. With it being January I should probably start taking more things seriously. I’m gonna be honest I’ve been slacking a lot this year and that’s only because of my lack of motivation. I have never been so unmotivated in my life. It might be because I only have 1 year left in this prison or that I genually can’t be here. Waking up this morning was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I cried for 10 minutes doing my hair because I just could NOT come to school. But this year I hope to make some major changes, I’m gonna focus more on myself before others and make sure I’m content. I also want to start to work out more even though I say this every year I am more motivated this year. 2018 kicked me in the butt so hopefully, 2019 is nice to me.

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