It be like that

Considering how much I actually tried to follow these virtues, It didn’t really work out.

Appreciation- I didn’t break this one actually, I am thankful for everything in my life at the moment

Cleanliness– I might have broken this once over the week. My lack of motivation is the reason.

Acceptance– Had no problem with this one, I’m pretty good at accepting things how they come.

Silence–  Definitely broke this one, pretty hard for me not to put my own opinion in situations.

Sincerity– Sometimes things slip out of my mouth that I should not say but whatcha gonna do.

Temperance– I will literally eat until I’m about to throw up, even though it’s not healthy I’m not gonna stop.

Commitment– I believe I’m a very committed person. If I start something It would be embarrassing for me to quit or give up on it.

Tranquility– I don’t let stupid things bother me as long as I love myself nothing can get in my way of life.

Justice– Didn’t break this one. Don’t know how I can.

Industry– This one applies to my whole week. I procrastinate so much to the point where I have a break down cause of so much work. But I did it to myself.

Frugality– You could give me $20 and I will spend it in an hour because I don’t know what self-control is. I can’t save money for my life. If I see something I want I’ll most likely get it.

Order– I’m sorta impatient but being organized and slowly letting things take their place isn’t a problem.

Moderation– This one was broken every day. I will lay on my phone for multiple hours straight just doing the same thing over and over. Definitely not healthy.

Humility– I always think very highly of myself, it’s honestly the only way to get through things in today’s world. I’m my own Beyonce.

Chasity– Don’t think you need details.

That’s pretty much how my days go. I don’t believe following these virtues every day of your life is a healthy thing to do. You should let things take their course and If you mess up you mess up. Nobody is created perfectly, it’s impossible.  Let the mistakes you make in life be a lesson so you can improve your worth. It’s the only way to stay true to yourself. I also believe that Franklin definitely didn’t follow them so why would other people? You shouldn’t live your life on a set of rules like I said before. But some rules are common sense and is something you should have going through life and experiencing situations. Moral of the story you do you in the end always do what’s best for you and the people around you.












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Since we started reading the dodo’s Conundrum, I didn’t understand it at all. I had to read it about 10 times and look up what it even means because I gave up.  I’m kinda upset that we’re still even on poetry because I don’t like it at all.  Trying to find the theme of the poem was challenging also. What I figured out was that People are unhappy with the reality that they live in.  That kinda makes sense now looking about on it but I’m still confused a little.  What I’m still confused about is almost everything. Why is it named “Dodo’s conundrum? I had to look up what that even was to understand the title.  I don’t think the questions in the sound and sense were easier than Eldorado. In Eldorado, I could find out the meaning by reading it only about 3 times and not 10 like this poem. Also, the stanza was confusing. In Eldorado, it was basic stanza form but this one was all over the place. Since we wrote our own poems I made mine as simple as possible. I didn’t want readers to feel like I’m feeling right now reading the dodo’s conundrum. Very irritated and annoyed.  Also now when I analysis them now I know what to look for but if it’s not right there I’m not gonna try my hardest. Also, the questions that you have to ask sometimes don’t fit the poem. If you have your own questions you should be able to answer them how you want.