Short Story

The short story that I am coming up with is pretty interesting I think. I picked the 6-word short story of, “Longed for her. got her. shit.” It’s about a boy who is a freshman in college and is very excited to experience the college life for the first time. He meets this girl  and he really thinks she is his dream girl and it couldn’t get any better.  But the thing is she isn’t actually trying to be with him. She is actually by the government to get entail about him. When he was in high school he was involved in a crime that was never solved and the government thinks he’s hiding something major. As they get closer she gets more information on him to the point where he tells her everything. But also as time went by they grew feelings for each other. She then doesn’t feel comfortable telling the government what he told her. I got this idea from the big controversy that the FBI and CIA are watching you through your computers and phones. I honestly live for this conspiracies so it was fun coming up with my story. At first, I was just brainstorming this and thought it would be a funny story but now I’m very interested. The activities that we’ve been doing in class have lowkey been ruining my plot. I’ve changed it about 3 times and I’m still not happy with how it ends. I most likely will change it again before I actually write it. If I could just write down my story as I think about it, it would probably be 10 times better, just saying.  To me I thought when you wrote a story you just write it as it comes to you so it’s more “creative”. To me I think sitting down and thinking about whats gonna happen next takes away from that.  Yes i agree that being organized is helpful and having everything in front of you makes things easier but I feel that my story would be better if I wrote It as It comes to me.

The one Memory of Flora Banks

The book I’m reading, The One Memory of Flora Banks has me very surprised right now. Currently Flora kissed Paige’s ex-boyfriend that she recently broke up with but still wasn’t over it. his name is Drake and now everytime they say his name in the book all I imagine is Drake the rapper so that makes it more interesting to read. Besides that Flora’s mind resets itselfs multiple times a day so she doesn’t remeber much. But her kissing Drake lit something up in her making her remember it, cheesy i know. But now that Drake is going off to college in Norway she won’t see him as much.  Plus she doesn’t have Paige to help her remeber things anymore so she’s kinda on her own right now. Flora being 17 is probably really hard for her. Not being ablke to remember life changing things and to enjoy her memories would be really depressing. But since she can’t remeber anything it doesn’t affect her. I really enjoy Flora, she still keeps such a up-lifted spirit even though everyone around her sometimes gets frusterated and tired of having to take care of her. I’m not very fond of Paige though. Yes Flora did kiss her ex-boyfriend but like come on its helping her remember don’t be so up tight about it. I did peek ahead a little in my book just to get a glance and whats going to happen next and I’m honestly not suprised. Flora is somehow going to go to Drake in Norway because she thinks he’s going to solve her memories. This was kinda predicable because obviously she was gonna chase after him, thats just how most stories go.  I couldn’t imagine not remembering little things though. One thing Flora couldn’t graspe was snow.  She had no real concept of it she just knew it was white and cold. So every winter when she saw snow it was like the first time ever. She also didn’t remember her brother when her family would talk about him.  I hope I don’t get bored of this book, that tends to happen when I read. Stay tuned for the ending.

Blog 3: DnTW

After reading The Devil and Tom Walker my initial reaction was very confused. Later on after reading it for a second time I finally got what was happening. I do enjoy stories with a deeper meaning, because then you can go back into the story to look for clues and symbols that make it more interesting.  But for some people this wouldn’t be a good story to read. The DnTW almost reminds me of conspiracy theories. In some parts of the story it would say, “What was her real fate nobody knows, in consequence of so many pretending to know. It is one of those facts that have become confounded by a variety of historians” (pg. 4). This could bring curiousty and thinking deeper of what else could’ve happened to the wife.  The society that Irving Washington depicts is at a very desperate time. If you have to make a deal with the devil to get what you need then it must be pretty bad. I feel that Irving was trying to make a point that slave trade was not acceptable and should never be.  Seeing that Tom Walker wouldn’t even do it would hope that the people reading it wouldn’t either.  I believe Irving wrote this story to give a different perspective from what the society was at the time he wrote this. A majority of people in this time like Tom Walker thought going to church and praying everyday would free you of your sins but thats not the case.  Also its targeting the Puritans at this time.  If I could change this story a little bit I would change some parts to make them more suspensful and questioning. Certain parts of the story you knew what was going to happen next like when Toms wife went missing, she obvisously died. Also when Tom made the deal with the devil something horrible was bound to happen. Maybe focusing more on what happened to the wife by seeing what she was thinking other than just seeing what she says on the outside. For a more modern audience I would’ve made the wording not as confusing. Most people will read the first paragraph and give up because they don’t understand or just don’t feel like reading something like this. Other than that The Devil and Tom Walker was a decent story to read and think about.

Week 2 down

In the notes we talked throughout the week, the way I look at stories now changed drastically. Instead of just going through and reading the book and finishing it, I’m now gonna ask more questions as I read.  The Milieu is a big one that I will pay attention to. When I would read stories I would just see things through one person and not consider the other characters.  In the movie I picked for my elements of short story I only paid attention to the main characters but as I watched the movie again I noticed a character  that had a lot of foreshadowing throughout the movie and gave clues to what’s gonna happen. With that character you could’ve figured out some stuff earlier on. Another example  is how the dynamic characters change. Veronica Sawyer (the protagonist) started off as trying to fit in with the Heather’s but once she met Jason she didn’t want to be with them anymore. But at the end of the movie she relized that she should’ve paid more attention to the friends shes left behind. This turned her into a better person in the end despite everything that happened. The difference between observing a story and being active in it is as you observe you aren’t as focused into it, so you just skim through it. Being active in a story lets you ask “whats going to happen next?” “what will the character do?” When I read a story I’m more just observing but now that I’ve learned more about how I can be active in it I will start doing that.  It also makes it more interesting. Just sitting through a movie just to watch it without any motive is pointless.  Now getting into week 2 of school. I still don’t really wanna be here but its whatever, I would so much rather it still be summer. I finally have a idea of how my classes are gonna be for the year and I don’t think they’ll be that bad.  But I know it’s just the calm before the storm. I’ll have to cherish it while I can.