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Climate Change: I’m more towards side 1 because we see every day how it is affecting our planet. Easy daily changes can help this if everyone comes together.

  • Side 1- human-made gases and human activity are primarily responsible for global climate change
  • Side 2- Earth’s climate has always been warming and cooling

Testing on animals: I believe testing on animals isn’t necessary. We should be making products that are free of any toxins or chemicals if you are going to test on animals. Doing this could eliminate it completely.

  • Side 1- Animal testing is cruel and alternative method now exist
  • Side 2- contributed to many life-saving cures and treatments.

Shutting down zoos:  I think zoos should be shut down because some facilities abuse their animals. They are also enclosed in small spaces and taken from their home lands.

  • Side 1- Enclosures are small, they are forced to breed, animals get sick because of different climates and human handling.
  • Side 2- Protect endangered animals, provide a safe place to rehabilitate a potentially lost species and preserve it for future generations.

This year has been literal Hell. It was the longest year I have ever experienced, and I’m so glad it’s over. To be honest, nothing feels real anymore I don’t know if its a glitch in the simulation or me. Literally, yesterday was August and we were starting school. With it being January I should probably start taking more things seriously. I’m gonna be honest I’ve been slacking a lot this year and that’s only because of my lack of motivation. I have never been so unmotivated in my life. It might be because I only have 1 year left in this prison or that I genually can’t be here. Waking up this morning was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I cried for 10 minutes doing my hair because I just could NOT come to school. But this year I hope to make some major changes, I’m gonna focus more on myself before others and make sure I’m content. I also want to start to work out more even though I say this every year I am more motivated this year. 2018 kicked me in the butt so hopefully, 2019 is nice to me.

It be like that

Considering how much I actually tried to follow these virtues, It didn’t really work out.

Appreciation- I didn’t break this one actually, I am thankful for everything in my life at the moment

Cleanliness– I might have broken this once over the week. My lack of motivation is the reason.

Acceptance– Had no problem with this one, I’m pretty good at accepting things how they come.

Silence–  Definitely broke this one, pretty hard for me not to put my own opinion in situations.

Sincerity– Sometimes things slip out of my mouth that I should not say but whatcha gonna do.

Temperance– I will literally eat until I’m about to throw up, even though it’s not healthy I’m not gonna stop.

Commitment– I believe I’m a very committed person. If I start something It would be embarrassing for me to quit or give up on it.

Tranquility– I don’t let stupid things bother me as long as I love myself nothing can get in my way of life.

Justice– Didn’t break this one. Don’t know how I can.

Industry– This one applies to my whole week. I procrastinate so much to the point where I have a break down cause of so much work. But I did it to myself.

Frugality– You could give me $20 and I will spend it in an hour because I don’t know what self-control is. I can’t save money for my life. If I see something I want I’ll most likely get it.

Order– I’m sorta impatient but being organized and slowly letting things take their place isn’t a problem.

Moderation– This one was broken every day. I will lay on my phone for multiple hours straight just doing the same thing over and over. Definitely not healthy.

Humility– I always think very highly of myself, it’s honestly the only way to get through things in today’s world. I’m my own Beyonce.

Chasity– Don’t think you need details.

That’s pretty much how my days go. I don’t believe following these virtues every day of your life is a healthy thing to do. You should let things take their course and If you mess up you mess up. Nobody is created perfectly, it’s impossible.  Let the mistakes you make in life be a lesson so you can improve your worth. It’s the only way to stay true to yourself. I also believe that Franklin definitely didn’t follow them so why would other people? You shouldn’t live your life on a set of rules like I said before. But some rules are common sense and is something you should have going through life and experiencing situations. Moral of the story you do you in the end always do what’s best for you and the people around you.












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Since we started reading the dodo’s Conundrum, I didn’t understand it at all. I had to read it about 10 times and look up what it even means because I gave up.  I’m kinda upset that we’re still even on poetry because I don’t like it at all.  Trying to find the theme of the poem was challenging also. What I figured out was that People are unhappy with the reality that they live in.  That kinda makes sense now looking about on it but I’m still confused a little.  What I’m still confused about is almost everything. Why is it named “Dodo’s conundrum? I had to look up what that even was to understand the title.  I don’t think the questions in the sound and sense were easier than Eldorado. In Eldorado, I could find out the meaning by reading it only about 3 times and not 10 like this poem. Also, the stanza was confusing. In Eldorado, it was basic stanza form but this one was all over the place. Since we wrote our own poems I made mine as simple as possible. I didn’t want readers to feel like I’m feeling right now reading the dodo’s conundrum. Very irritated and annoyed.  Also now when I analysis them now I know what to look for but if it’s not right there I’m not gonna try my hardest. Also, the questions that you have to ask sometimes don’t fit the poem. If you have your own questions you should be able to answer them how you want.


Since we first started the poetry unit my view on it hasn’t changed at all. I still think It can be nice sometimes but, other times it’s confusing.  I will say now that  I can break poems down to understand them more. At first, I had no idea how to even write a poem and now I’m semi-decent.  Writing the poem with the requirements though took some work. I thought you could just write whatever you wanted, and I guess you can. But it’s sometimes better to write with the metaphors, similes, etc. When I wrote my first poem I wasn’t really trying. I literally wrote it about how much I didn’t want to write the poem and it had none of the requirements. But my second poem was much better. It was about how much I dislike Christmas. My rhymes were the hardest to find but, in my poem, you can see the theme clearly unlike some poems where you have to really think about it. I think adding visual elements into poems can help the reader in many ways. In my poem, it would be better for kids because the visuals could be funny. Also if people can’t get the meaning the first time reading it, the visuals can help that to demonstrate what’s happening. Other than that I have nothing else to say I’m lucky I wrote some of this before break cause it just wasn’t getting done. Might just have to take the L this time.


Poetry really isn’t something I enjoy reading or writing. I honestly just think it’s confusing to me and some poems are just pointless. So doing poetry isn’t gonna be my most focused area. So far in class, I don’t have a problem with the poems we’ve read so far. I liked the raven just because it was dark and I consider myself a dark person.  Egar Allen Poe isn’t really I person I think of when it comes to poetry. I usually think about those sad poem books you see on Instagram and stuff. Eldorado was okay. I didn’t get it at first so I just looked up what it was trying to get across. But as we analyzed it in class altogether and discussed it I got the meaning of it. I didn’t really think it was about death at first. I thought it was about not giving up and when you think you can’t give anymore you don’t and keep going. But that’s the thing about poetry. One person can see it a different way than someone else. So I think that sometimes ruins how you feel. I think since I read Romeo and Juliet in 9th grade my view of poetry changed overall. I just thought it was boring and old.  But now I can see that you can make a poem about anything. For the poem I’m going to be writing, I honestly have no idea what its gonna be about. I wrote about maybe 3 so far. But each time I read it over I think its stupid and won’t make any sense to anyone but me. The first poem I wrote was very dark and I just couldn’t send it in because it was #deep. In my second one, I tried to incorporate song lyrics but I just couldn’t stick with it. So I think I might just play it safe and write about food because why not. Probably won’t start writing it until Monday night because I don’t know what time management is and I love procrastinating. 

Independent Reading

I’ve kinda been avoiding doing this but I guess I have to do it now since it is due tomorrow.  The first book that I read “The one Memory of Flora Banks” I didn’t really like it. When I first started reading it, it was okay. But towards the end of the book, I felt that it wasn’t really going anywhere. It was very obvious in some parts. Also cheesy.  When Flora and Drake started talking on the phone obviously she was gonna go try to find him next. I do think this could’ve been avoided in the story. It really wasn’t necessary, I really don’t think Drake could’ve solved her problems. In the end, he didn’t even want to be with her considering he was seeing another girl. Also kinda messed up knowing that Drake never wanted anything to do with her and taking advantage of her memory problem by saying they never kissed. I picked this book because I thought it would be decent and I would be able to get into it somehow but I just couldn’t.  But I did kinda feel bad for Flora in some parts. Not being able to remember anything would be the worst thing to live with. Having to depend on everyone around you for simple things would be frustrating. Also having to remind yourself things and write them down would get annoying. Another thing that I didn’t really like was that Flora’s friend Paige kinda just left her for her self. Yes maybe what Flora did was bad but she doesn’t even remember it and it did some good in the end to her memory. Paige was kinda of immature not telling Flora’s parents also. I think if she did tell her parents Flora would have been able to go to France with her parents to see her brother. I feel that would’ve been a good step for Flora in restoring her memory.  Also, Paige and Drake were broken up so It shouldn’t have even mattered.  One thing that did kinda shock me was that Flora’s memory was just a lie and that her parents have been lying to her. Throughout most of the book, you went through thinking she has a memory problem since birth but she was actually in a car accident. That would change my view on everything if I was Flora. Overall if you want to read a book with some twists I would recommend this. I don’t think I’ll be reading this again because It didn’t quite catch my eye fully but it did have a good plot.

The second book I read this semester was Eleanor & Park. I liked this book a lot more than my first one. Throughout this book, The characters Eleanor and Park were kinda relatable.  Each character someone related to something in my own life. It’s better to read books like that because it will then be easier to understand and be more involved in the book. The book also deals with a lot of social issues teenagers deal with today in a way that is subtle and easier to discuss.  One thing I liked about this book is how it switched back and forth from each person’s thoughts. When a book is only through one person’s point of view to me, It gets boring and sometimes I lose focus n what I’m even reading. You always knew what a character was thinking and that helped a lot to understand things. Park being one of the only Asian boys at school causes a lot of problems. People would make comments to him This often happens in schools today where there isn’t a lot of one race and other students make racial slurs and comments without them knowing that it’s not a good thing to say. This is one topic that the story shed light on. Another problem was fat shaming and bullying. In one part of the story, Eleanor was bullied and had her clothes ruined in the locker room one day by a bunch of girls. Eleanor doesn’t look like other students considering she has red hair and a distinctive style. This touches on that people shouldn’t judge one another for their looks. In no way is that something you should do to a person. She was already going through so much stuff at home with her family and herself that she didn’t need that. That also shows the problem that you might not always know what’s going on with people outside of school. Even before Eleanor and Park met, Park wasn’t very fond of Eleanor. In the beginning, he thought of her as an outsider. But once they start to talk throughout the book you get to see their relationship grow. I read this book because I always saw other people reading it and I just never got the chance to get around to it but I’m glad I did. I would definitely recommend this book. It was one of my more interesting reads and it teaches lessons for teenagers.  The characters evolve throughout the story and that’s pretty satisfying to see. If there was ever a sequel to this book I would definitely be reading it. Then if there was a movie I don’t think I would watch it just because it would then ruin how I already see the characters and the story.


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Finishing my short story

The difference between my first initial concept of my story and my actual story now is drastically different.  When I first thought of my idea for my story I had it all planned out in my head. I thought it was gonna be so funny and clever. It was gonna turn out perfect. But now that I went through doing everything It never turned out how I wanted it and to me it sucks. But I still did it, I had to change most of my plot for it to actually make sense but it’s all good.  At first, I couldn’t even start my story because I had no idea how to introduce the characters. Something that I like about my story is how it’s not a usual storyline. I think it pretty unique and funny. What I don’t like about it is how I dragged it on. I made the beginning of my story very descriptive but when I got to the end I kinda gave up and just got to the point. This then made my story go from to 100 to 0 really quick. I just hope when other people read it they’ll get it because I feel it only makes sense to me. I’m not fully done with my book but I am close to the end. It’s gotten pretty intense.  It escalated too quickly for me and I was shook.  When Flora’s brother died and said that her medical condition wasn’t genetic I freaked. After this book, I don’t know what I’m gonna read. I feel that this book was too much for me.  If you didn’t follow along or zoned out while reading a chapter you would have to reread a lot. But it did have a good plot and was interesting. Just not for me.

Short Story

The short story that I am coming up with is pretty interesting I think. I picked the 6-word short story of, “Longed for her. got her. shit.” It’s about a boy who is a freshman in college and is very excited to experience the college life for the first time. He meets this girl  and he really thinks she is his dream girl and it couldn’t get any better.  But the thing is she isn’t actually trying to be with him. She is actually by the government to get entail about him. When he was in high school he was involved in a crime that was never solved and the government thinks he’s hiding something major. As they get closer she gets more information on him to the point where he tells her everything. But also as time went by they grew feelings for each other. She then doesn’t feel comfortable telling the government what he told her. I got this idea from the big controversy that the FBI and CIA are watching you through your computers and phones. I honestly live for this conspiracies so it was fun coming up with my story. At first, I was just brainstorming this and thought it would be a funny story but now I’m very interested. The activities that we’ve been doing in class have lowkey been ruining my plot. I’ve changed it about 3 times and I’m still not happy with how it ends. I most likely will change it again before I actually write it. If I could just write down my story as I think about it, it would probably be 10 times better, just saying.  To me I thought when you wrote a story you just write it as it comes to you so it’s more “creative”. To me I think sitting down and thinking about whats gonna happen next takes away from that.  Yes i agree that being organized is helpful and having everything in front of you makes things easier but I feel that my story would be better if I wrote It as It comes to me.

The one Memory of Flora Banks

The book I’m reading, The One Memory of Flora Banks has me very surprised right now. Currently Flora kissed Paige’s ex-boyfriend that she recently broke up with but still wasn’t over it. his name is Drake and now everytime they say his name in the book all I imagine is Drake the rapper so that makes it more interesting to read. Besides that Flora’s mind resets itselfs multiple times a day so she doesn’t remeber much. But her kissing Drake lit something up in her making her remember it, cheesy i know. But now that Drake is going off to college in Norway she won’t see him as much.  Plus she doesn’t have Paige to help her remeber things anymore so she’s kinda on her own right now. Flora being 17 is probably really hard for her. Not being ablke to remember life changing things and to enjoy her memories would be really depressing. But since she can’t remeber anything it doesn’t affect her. I really enjoy Flora, she still keeps such a up-lifted spirit even though everyone around her sometimes gets frusterated and tired of having to take care of her. I’m not very fond of Paige though. Yes Flora did kiss her ex-boyfriend but like come on its helping her remember don’t be so up tight about it. I did peek ahead a little in my book just to get a glance and whats going to happen next and I’m honestly not suprised. Flora is somehow going to go to Drake in Norway because she thinks he’s going to solve her memories. This was kinda predicable because obviously she was gonna chase after him, thats just how most stories go.  I couldn’t imagine not remembering little things though. One thing Flora couldn’t graspe was snow.  She had no real concept of it she just knew it was white and cold. So every winter when she saw snow it was like the first time ever. She also didn’t remember her brother when her family would talk about him.  I hope I don’t get bored of this book, that tends to happen when I read. Stay tuned for the ending.

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