I thought the short story was really funny. I liked the use of dialect to convey character. It made it seem very realistic. The use of humor and satire was very intellectual, and the message it was trying to convey was very clever. Making blows at the higher class while covering it with a facade of making fun of the lower class is genius.
Honestly, I don’t know anything about Huck Finn, other than the fact that Jasmin hated the assignments. From reading the story about the jumping frog, I expect the story to be slightly humorous, and to be making fun of someone or something through hidden means.
iMom was really strange to watch. I thought it was super interesting, and the ideas that they were making fun of were fair points. The idea of dependency on technology and parenting in current society were both well shown. I thought the presentation was pretty cool and was realistic. It was suspenseful, frightening, got the audience’s attention, and made them think.


Unrelated, but T Kenney and I killed it at TSA states and got second in Debating Technological Issues

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