Vertigo … An Oldie but a Goodie

Normally, I’m not a fan of older movies, because most of the time they fail to grab my attention. Vertigo was definitely an exception. It took a while to get into, but once the pace started picking up, I was completely sucked in. I didn’t take notes for a few sections because I was so focused on the screen, and couldn’t look away.  The idea of the plot is so interesting and clever. The director does an amazing job making it suspenseful. I definitely understand why it’s marked as psychological horror.  The plot twist with Judy acting as Madeline and Gavin actually killing his wife was so shocking. We knew Madeline was gonna die, but Gavin murdering his wife to inherit her money was out of left field. It’s a very common thing that happens in tons of stories, but I didn’t expect it to happen in this movie. I think it’s because Gavin was such a minor character and also because he seemed to care so much for his wife. I also appreciated the “mental breakdown” that Scotty had after Madeline had died. Since it was made before they had computers available to add cool effects, it makes what they were able to do during that scene more impressive. Some question I have so far – Where was the real Madeline the entire time Judy was prancing around as her? Obviously, she couldn’t have been out and around, because someone probably would’ve noticed that there were two Madelines. She couldn’t have been dead either because I’m positive someone would’ve realized that if a decayed corpse landed on the roof, they probably wouldn’t have died from the actual fall. I really hope they explain this more because that’s a huge plot hole. I think the entire movie would’ve been so much better without Midge. She is literally such a pointless character. All she does is whine about how dumb she is and how Scotty doesn’t love her. (She’s right about both those things.) The story so far would be exactly the same without her. I think a way to modernize it is to have social media/ technology play a big part. Maybe the detective would stalk her online or something and fall in love with her.

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