The Government Sucks…

I see both sides of the argument, but overall I would say I do not agree with Thoreau when he says “that government is best which governs least.” I feel that without some guidance from the government, society would be an absolute mess and super chaotic. I don’t think the government should be a huge, overbearing thing, but there should be one that keeps citizens in check. The government should be there to protect people, and help those in need. It should be there as a fair and impartial being that reflects the ideals of the people living in the country. I also think that it should be concerned about the well being of all people living in the country and try to improve aspects like education for everyone.

I think a government that would “command my respect” is one that strives for equality for all, in all aspects. The rich should not have more leniency than the poor, and everyone should have the same opportunities no matter what background they came from. It would also have to keep the interest of the common citizen in mind. They should be making laws for the benefit of the entire country, not just a tiny minority.

I think protests and civil disobedience still have a major place in American society today. It gives issues momentum and allows them to get ideas out in the open for more people to see. I think that they’re still effective in a modern society, because they allow people with the same opinions and views to gather and speak up about injustices they may face. With current protests, the nature of them is very important for determining their effectiveness too. Peaceful ones are more likely to draw bigger crowds and gain more positive momentum, whereas negative ones are more likely to be seen in a bad light and shamed.


So as a side note, I’m kinda salty about one person’s blog (not gonna name who but you’ll probably be able to guess) that claimed that liberals are trying to prove through protesting that they’re right to the conservative side. The whole point of a protest is to try to start a conversation and change something. It’s not a big parade to show that their idea is right. The majority of protests are intended to be peaceful, like the March for Science, the Women’s March, and others. Many get violent through instigation of counter-protesters.


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