… I wanted to watch more debates

First of all, I am so angry that everyone else just got to copy and paste their constructives into a google doc and turn that in. I really wanted to see how people were gonna debate and what they were gonna use in their arguments. I am glad that I got to actually debate though because I have so much fun doing it. In my opinion, debating and arguing are very different. Debating is very structured¬†and formal, whereas arguing is just something smaller and more opinionated. When I debate, I make sure to know what I’m talking about and that I have solid information. When I argue with people though, I normally just get really heated and it’s emotionally fueled. I know many people my age argue the same way, and argue with little to no background information. I feel like if adults (or anyone, really) are actually educated in a topic, they can easily create good arguments, but if not it becomes people throwing insults at each other. Adults, especially if they’re arguing with someone younger than them, tend to think that they’re right just because they’re older or have more experience. The way to construct a valid argument is to be educated and have good information on the topic.

Honestly, other than the long list of fallacies given to us, I don’t really feel like I changed anything about the way I debate or argue. I already had formalized experience thanks to Mr. Burrell, and so I didn’t really have to change my mindset to do this unit. I had a really easy time writing my persuasive speech, because of all the information I had. When I was researching for my topic, I found information and wrote a paragraph around it saying why it would help my argument. Then to write my constructive, it was a matter of copying, pasting, and rearranging my information in a way that flowed well. My rebuttal was pretty easy to do too since I preemptively guessed a lot of Alyssa’s points for the pro side. Extemporaneous speaking is not my strong suit but I still got through it because of the practice in Forensics.


So this weekend T Kenney and I placed second in both of our TSA events, (board game design and debating tech issues) but I didn’t take any pictures, so here’s a video from Drama Bonding.


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