I was so excited for this debate…

Honestly, I have been looking forward to this unit ever since I heard my sister talking about it last year. I love debating (or just shouting at someone until they admit I’m right) and thought it would be a good experience outside of the forensics team where the topics are so mind-numbingly boring. ( Like who wants to talk about the federal debt versus economic growth?) Then I saw the topic list and I kinda cried internally. None of the topics were too interesting to me and I didn’t feel super strongly about any except for the ones that were overdone, abortion and gun control. I wasn’t opposed to debating the uninteresting ones, but I didn’t want to get into a moral debate or one that is so oversaturated with contradicting information.

I swear I had such bad luck today because of course, I get one of the only topics I don’t wanna debate, gun control. To make it even worse, I’m debating against Alyssa, who is the one person other than McGarry that I didn’t want to debate against. I know she’ll actually put a lot of effort in this so it’s going to make this so much more challenging. I also really wanted to destroy someone in this debate since it’s something I’m more knowledgeable in than the average person, and her being my opponent makes it so much harder.

I also got the con side, which is not the side I personally agree with. I’m not too worried though since there is a lot of reasonable evidence on the other side to make a decent argument. I also think it’ll be a fun change to argue for the opposite side.

This topic is fueled by statistics ranging from legal vs. illegal gun owners, deaths caused by guns vs. lives saved, and many others so the logical approach will be a piece of cake.

For an ethical approach, it is very easy to use the second amendmentĀ of the Constitution. It is a citizen’s right to own a gun.

For an emotional appeal, both sides could use fear. The con could use the denial of safety and say they are unable to defend themselves.




Since we’re on the topic of debate, here’s a mini life update that has to do with that. T Kenney and I tied for third (got to the semifinal rounds) for our forensics competition this past weekend! It was so much fun even though I absolutely hated the topic.

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