… I was kinda optimistic about school?

My first week of school was such a blur. On Monday, I just wanted a day to myself to prepare for the horrible week ahead of me, but I had to go to Lewisburg to play a match for tennis. I warmed up with varsity but since I normally play on JV, I felt extremely out of place. Tuesday was such an easy day and not much happened. Wednesday, the tennis team went to Danville to play our second match. Honestly, it was simultaneously one of my best and worst experiences. I had a great time because I got to rant to Alyssa and Megan, who I hadn’t got to talk to much this summer. The reason I had an awful time was because there was a huge spider crawling around my tennis bag, and I’m absolutely terrified of spiders. I was so close to crying because of it, and now I have to wash or burn my tennis bag (whatever I have the opportunity to do first). We didn’t even get to play because it rained really hard and the courts were wet. We stayed for an hour trying to dry them but eventually we gave up and just went home. The band parent show was that night too, and it was completely awful. I couldn’t remember routine and I messed up a few of my sets. The football game tonight went better though, even though it was our first time marching on an actual field. I got to all of my sets and I only made minor mistakes with routine.


I expect this year to be pretty challenging with the two AP courses I am taking but because I’m not taking any science classes, I think it will be manageable. I really just wanna focus on repairing relationships with people though because I don’t want petty drama from past years to effect the present.

I’m really excited for American Lit, just because I love presenting and debating and I have heard we do a lot in the class. I also am looking forward to AP US History because Mrs. Murphy seems like such a great teacher. I already know that I’m gonna love K’s class because it’s so chill and I already know most of the material from taking Calc Honors last year.

All in all, the week has had it’s ups and downs, but I’m extremely optimistic for the rest of the year to come.

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