Blog 19: Satire

My experience with satire and humor? Well, I’ve watched the entirety of the Office several times. The office is constantly having episodes that are filled with elements of satire. This is highlighted literally 2 episodes in the first season; the episode “diversity day”. Also I’ve been binge watching South Park. This is poking fun at countless people, shows, ideas, and movement in a true satire fashion. One of my personal favorites is the episode “The Jeffersons”. It’s about Michael Jackson moving to south and is poking fun at some “Allegations” towards him. In the very same episode, It also talks about the police force targeting certain minorities (I’m trying to keep this vague for appropriateness). There’s another 2 part episode(s), where the entire point is to make fun of Family Guy and its humor. Although it’s broad, I love stand up comedy as a genre. My favorite comedian by far is Dan Cummins. I don’t know what genre specifically his stand up qualifies as, but I love it. Most of his skits are either crazy stories that may or not be dramatized, or his crazy ideas. His ideas might involve business ideas, or changes to the American Government. But as I mentioned earlier, I watch TV shows that use satire as a humor type. So I definitely have an appreciation for it. The Only thing I know in relation to Mark Twain is that he died at least a hundred years ago, and he wrote “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”. Also, He’s pretty well known for his use of satire. Now here’s what I found after looking him up: Mark twain isn’t his real name; it’s his pen name. His real name is actually¬†Samuel Langhorne Clemens. What a name. Oh and he wrote the “Adventures of Tom Sawyer”, (he really likes adventures apparently). He was born shortly after an appearance of Halley’s Comet. He then predicted that he would¬†“go out with it”, as well. He then passed shortly after its passing, he passed away (it visits earth every 75-76 years). He was also called “the father of American literature” by William Faulkner.

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