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Blog 15, Thoreau’s attempt.

There are several similarities between “Where I Lived, and What I Lived For” and  “Nature” &”Self-Reliance”. Firstly, and whats’s probably the most obvious, is that both mention nature. Well actually, they go quite in depth on nature as a whole and how it affects man. They both go in detail about the benefits of nature, like its almost “therapeutic” effects. Although they were different in their wording, and presentations, both excerpts agree that nature is something that can heal and clear the mind. The main idea of the first portion of “Where I Lived, and What I Lived For”, is to give the reader a background of sorts. It explains Thoreau’s previous economical situation, and why  he went into the woods. The main idea of the “conclusion” portion, is found in its name; it describes the conclusion of his time in the woods. It also explains what he discovered at the end of the experience, and why he chose to leave the woods. The benefits of this experiment are countless. But most of them that I can think of, all have something to do with the mind (which directly affects your physical health, so never mind). Firstly, your mental sleep clock would reset in alignment with the sun’s position. Which would be the “correct” and “natural” human schedule. Because of all the technology one uses throughout the day, and well into night using artificial light, the brain’s natural sleep schedule is thrown out of wack. Which can lead to sleep deprivation, or insomnia, which can also affect your physical health. Plus, all that time outside means more Vitamin D entering your system. Along with the Vitamin D, just being outside and getting fresh air strengthens your immune system. If I were to do it, I’d definitely miss my various phone games, Oreos, chocolate milk, music, and especially Mackenzie. I probably would not be able to do it. I can’t really go that long without seeing Mack, let alone humans in general. if I brought a few friends, some instruments, and a CD player, I could definitely manage. I think that the reader should realize that they shouldn’t live life materialistically. This was a message that was relevant back then, but is even more relevant today. Along with that I’d say that people should value nature more, especially with global warming and the rate that we’re destroying our planet.

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