Blog 14: End of Argument.

In my past experiences, I’ve always done very well in debates. I was never nervous, I knew that if I kept my cool and calmly presented hard facts, I’d win. Which I did. Every time. But this year, I was genuinely nervous, because my past technique wouldn’t work this time. People actually knew how to debate now. Which was very nerve racking, but luckily the debate was cancelled. It made me quite happy for my sake, but sad because I was eager to see everyone else’s debates, and how they went along. I was interested in seeing different debate strategies, and many different viewpoints. But oh well, that’s that. But throughput the unit, I definitely learned a lot more about debating compared to what I had known earlier. I credit a lot of it to the format of sorts, that we HAD to follow when preparing for our debates. For example, I never fully realized the importance of studying the opposite viewpoint of your stance on a particular subject. The amount of research that goes into the opposite side rivals the research on one’s own side. Because the more educated you are on a particular subject, the more easily you can destroy someone else. Which you can’t do unless you research the opposing side as well! So now, I definitely think about even day-to-day arguments differently. I’ve learned to pick apart people’s arguments and claims much more easily. Then when I realize what I’ve done I get really excited haha. But what really sucks is when you realize hat their saying is faulty, but you don’t know how to put into words that you know. The whole developing of the speeches, this year, was definitely a newer experience. Like I said earlier, I’ve done debates before, but not with this much extensive research. Debating in past years was never this in depth. Which definitely made it more difficult, I had to actually think about what I was saying/writing. Overall, I enjoyed the entire experience as a whole. I think it will definitely benefit me in life whether that be everyday arguments or maybe even another debate.

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