Blog 12: changes

I think a good topic for debate would be, recreational Marijuana legalization (excluding medical, because that’s already becoming legalized in several states). The two sides are of course pro-legalization, and anti-legalization. The main argument for pro-legalization, is that it can be taxed, while also taking away the “market”, if you will, for drug dealers. The argument for why taxing would be beneficial, is that taxing it could fund beneficial things such as drug rehabilitation centers. This goes hand and hand with taking away the market for drug dealers, which is said to be beneficial because that’s less money going to drug lords, and gangs. The main argument for anti-legalization, is that it can stunt brain development, in of course, developing brains. It has negative affect that include, killing brain cells, which can lead to, and also include, a lower IQ. It negatively affects the frontal lobe, which is prone to damage, and altering, in this developmental stage. I’m personally, pro-marijuana legalization. Because if it’s legalized, it’ll be monitored by the government. This means that users know for a fact that their Marijuana is safe, and not mixed with other things such as tobacco (spliffing), which is physically addictive unlike pure Marijuana. I propose that the tax-money from Marijuana, is used to fill in pot holes: “pot for pot”. Great marketing, and fills in pot holes, a win win. But if it was to be legalized, I think that they’re should be a law preventing you from purchasing/using it until your 25, if it’s for recreational use.  My school year could definitely have gone better so far. I’ve let lots of things overlap, which negatively affecting me all around, including my school work/grades. I think i’m going to try to change my schedule, or lack of one. I’m going to try to start going to bed at more reasonable times, and make time for homework right after school, so it doesn’t overlap with extracurricular. As for this week(end), I’m going to to get ahead on all my homework, and I’m going to study and stuff. The only thing that’s stopping me and my own willpower.

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