Blog 8, Poetry

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, school has killed poetry for me. I can enjoy and appreciate poetry outside of school. It takes a lot of work to make poetry! But ever since Middle School *cough cough specifically Mrs. Zimmer’s class*, Poetry’s been ruined for me in school. I just HATE analyzing and picking apart poems. The only benefit of doing that for me personally, is to find a more set in stone theme. Because I don’t always completely understand the poem the first I read it. Actually that’s a lie, there’s definitely more benefits than that, but I’m dramatic. I suppose it helps with actually thinking more about what I’m reading. Plus it doesn’t hurt to be more knowledgeable in general. But now I’m starting to actually like poetry in class while in high school.  Like with the poems we read in class, I’d say I enjoyed both of them. Even though we went over it very briefly, and I had already read it before, I still enjoyed The Raven. This was mainly because we watched an comical interpretation of it that was shown on The Simpsons. Then with Eldorado, I didn’t enjoy the first stages of analyzation, but when it was all said and done,  I can say I enjoyed the Poem as a whole. It’s meaning changed from the first time I read it, to the last time. The first time, I thought it was just about a man who was searching for Gold and that’s all there was to it. Then after reading it several times over, and analyzing it, I understand that it’s a bit more complicated than that. Now I interpret the theme as “Don’t waste your life pursuing something fictional”. Or if you want to emphasize the “wasting your LIFE” part, the theme could be just “Death”. I think the main thing I liked about the Eldorado was the usage of the word shadow. I loved how it had a different meaning in every stanza. Now for the poem I’m writing, I want it to do something with Man vs. Nature. Or specifically Man vs. The Ocean. Maybe a sailor or a crew dealing with a hurricane. Something of that nature.


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