Blog 6, Finishing Your Story

I think that the main difference between my initial concept and my final concept would be Brad as a character. In my initial concept, Brad didn’t have any character development. He was a genuinely rude person, who didn’t have any room to become better as a person. But in my final concept, Brad’s back ground was revealed which showed his motive and reasoning for being a bad person who uses girls. Basically, it was revealed that his dad  mom neglects him, and his dad only talks to him about Brad’s football career. So because of this lack of loving from his parents, he doesn’t know what love is. His twisted idea of loving is purely sexual, so when he got feelings for Jennifer, he panicked. He panicked and didn’t know what to do about these new feelings. I love my story and how it developed even with some of these changes. It definitely didn’t end up being how I originally planned. At first it was all from third person with no inner monologue. Then it all ended up being a flashback from the point of view of Keanu. But even then it still wasn’t entirely first person. Plus there was so much more character development from not just Brad, But Keanu and Jennifer as well. My original concept was really just a stereotypical teen romance/drama, but it ended up being more than that. Granted, there were still the raging emotions of teenagers and such, but it was in my opinion, had several different aspects. I mean with all that I love about my story, there are still several flaws. It could all be more organized and professional. Part of that is from lack of experience so I can definitely work on that. The Hobbit was a great book, that I’ve already read. So for my next book, I’m going to read something brand new. What that is, I don’t know yet, but hopefully, it will be good.

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