Blog 5, Short Story Writing

For my Short Story, I chose the quote, “as she fell, her mind wandered”.  But my main protagonist is a male by the name of Keanu, so it’s changed to “as he fell his mind wandered”.  My short story is basically a teen drama about Keanu, and his best friend Jennifer. Keanu and Jennifer are life long friends but one day when they were hanging the last week of summer before senior year, he realized that he had a crush on her. As the days went on, Keanu found his little crush grow into something more. He was falling in love with her. Every day he finds more and more things about her that makes him fall more and more in love with her. But then Jennifer end up getting together with a guy named Brad. Jennifer and Brad’s relationship started to ruin how close Keanu and Jennifer used to be. It’s ruining how close they were, because Keanu doesn’t approve of Brad, due to him being known for being a player. Eventually Brad cheats on Jennifer at a party, and Keanu finds out. Keanu confronts him during school and they get into a fist fight. Keanu get’s knocked out relatively quick, and gets sent to the hospital. Keanu wakes up to find Jennifer asleep next to his hospital bed. Then they make up and kiss. It’ll end with Brad apologizing to Jennifer and getting help for his problems with his dad and his insecurity. Because these things are going to be what drives Brad to be the antagonist. I developed the idea for this short story because it seems like most of the teen drams are from a girls point of view. I just wanted to create a romance, teen drama, that switched things up a bit. I think that setting and character activity we did influenced how my story was turning out the most. Because of that, I really learned about both my protagonist and antagonist. This led to me giving Brad a chance for redemption and a way to get help. But due to deconstructing the process and really looking at each individual part, I’ve altered how I Used to write. I actually think about each individual part. I put effort into each individual part so they can work together and really have a purpose and background to them. I’m not just throwing a bunch of characters into a random scenario with no motive or reason for doing anything.

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