Blog 4, There and Back again.

So far, The Hobbit, or there and back again, is a thoroughly enjoying book. All the characters in the main party are very relieving. They’re relieving because so far, I don’t dislike any of them, even if Thorin is portrayed as being rude in the movie. I love how quirky Bilbo is and how so out of his comfort zone he is adventuring. I also love how he can (usually) turn to Gandalf for help. This is highlighted early on as Bilbo had forgotten his pipe, tobacco, and handkerchiefs, and Gandalf was sure to retrieve them. But along with helping out Bilbo, if the party ever experienced any set backs, they could also rely on Gandalf. Like when the party was captured by trolls, Gandalf came to the rescue and saved the party from being eaten. Gandalf helping Bilbo especially though, reminds me of doing the school musical for the first time freshman year. Because if I ever forgot my lines, the songs, or the dances, there were always upper class man to look up to who could help me out. I guess some of that carried over to soccer where I’m kind of a team mom now. For practices and games, I always try to bring extra stuff. whether that be cleats, shinnies, practice jerseys, or usually socks. But speaking of Gandalf, I believe he is most definitely one of my favorite characters so far. Just the matter of fact way he speaks and goes about his business is very amusing. Especially when it’s at the expense and discomfort of Bilbo. But as for the Dwarves, they seem like a cheery group of chaps I would love to hang out with. Minus the part where if I was hosting them, they’d eat all of my food. How could I forget! Reading this book also gave me motivation to make a cool little origami book mark. Basically it’s a little sleeve type thing that fits over the corner of the page I’m on. It’s a cool little thing that I thought was pretty awesome. As for the end of the story, I predict that Thorin and the party are going to find the secret passage on the side of the mountain, and reclaim their lost treasure.

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