Blog 2, a week of notes

In the second week of school we began one of my favorite things in the world, notes. Luckily they were notes that were pretty interesting for the most part that we ended up discussing quite in depth. When we were discussing the elements of short stories in class, at first, I didn’t really understand the importance of some of the terms and their relation to short stories. Like I always understood that authors ended their stories on a higher note than where they began the story. But I never actually thought about WHY they did it. Or how I’ve read dozens of books all taking place at different time periods from different perspectives of different people. Although I didn’t know the term “Milieu”, I’ve also subconsciously realized that these unique feelings of these people in different situations would most definitely alter how the story would progress. Like if you were reading a book about the French Revolution. the people in it are probably gonna be pretty angry/depressed. It just wouldn’t make sense to have the common folk throw a party or something just because they wanted to hang out with people and because they were happy to be alive. But as each term was discussed more and more thoroughly, I began to link them with stories, and movies I enjoy. For instance, In Finding Nemo, Nemo’s “lucky” fin is highlighted almost in the movie from very early on. This a form of foreshadowing because the viewer without even realizing it, is thinking to themselves how Nemo might run into some problems because of his fin. Which he does in the dentist scene when he gets stuck in the tube of the filter and he couldn’t get out due to his fin (Although this was a psychological thing because he was always told that he had a bad fin, and once he got over that he made it out of the tube). Plus after keeping these terms and ideas in mind, I began to see new things in Finding Nemo. Like how you can link Marlins insecurities with how overprotective he is of Nemo which led to Nemo having a psychological handicap on his fin. Looking back, in movies and sometimes books, I’ve always just watched it or read it. I wasn’t actually an active participant, I never actually thought about what the info I was taking in. I think by just learning HOW to think differently and HOW to analyze information in a story,  everyone can become an active participant.

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