Blog 1, First Week

Well summer is over and done with. Time to get back into the long and grueling schedule surrounded by people I don’t like at a building that’s yet to be renovated like I was promised. Okay that was a bit dramatic, I do in fact like most of the people here. If I hadn’t seen my friends (even if you say I don’t have any) repeatedly over the summer, I’d probably go and hide in a hole in Mexico. I’m basically like tinker bell, I need constant attention or I would definitely die. But overall my first week of school was mediocre, I enjoyed seeing everyone without having to make plans with people. I also started re-reading the Hobbit because after it had been mentioned so many times in your class, I realized that the last time I read it, I was in seventh grade. But my week was a  bit more interesting on the pitch. It was incredibly rainy at BU and literally all of my papers got soaked (thank god most of my notes were on my surface pro), but we beat the girls team. But the scrimmage against Mountoursville went a bit less smoothly. I mean technically we won, but that was after they had put their JV in, and even then we barely won. But I think as a team it was a serious wake up call. We as a team just need to talk, talk, talk, so much more, It’s killing us. So I guess my biggest story of the week was that I finally finished putting up posters and stuff in my room.  Actually that’s not even a big story. I’m pretty boring. But all of Freshman and Sophomore year, I heard over and over how terrible your class was. So for expectations of this year, I’m definitely expecting your class to be at least kind of difficult. But for the most part, I’m just hoping people are being more dramatic than I usually am. I think out of all my classes, yours should be the most interesting. Probably because it’s my only class with Mack, plus you’ll be  constantly roasting people. But like I said, I’m boring so I don’t have any surprises.


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