Citizen Kane

My expectations going into this movie were somewhat high because it is regarded to be the greatest movie of all time. But after watching it my expectations dropped dramatically.  It was really boring and the biggest challenge was trying to pay attention they whole time. It’s only been a few days since we watched it and I already forget a lot that happened in that movie. In my opinion the best part of the movie was the cinematography. It was used in creative ways that showed importance throughout the film. The shots that made some character bigger than others had a good affect. It showed you had the authority and who was in power. The shot with the mirrors was cool too, mostly because no one else was able to replicate it. The worst part about this film (the bad and ugly) was the pacing and how boring it was. It it was probably the most boring movie I ever watched. And the pacing was bad how it went back and forth and was just super slow all around. The only important scenes that you needed see was the scene were he was a kid at his old house in the snow. And the 1st scene when the burned the sled (rose bud). Its kind of ironic how at the end they were burning all the “junk” and keeping all the stuff that had “worth” even though the sled was the only thing that had worth to him because that was when he was actually happy. I kind of predicted that rose bud had something to do with his childhood after he picked up the snow globe, but I had no idea it was the sled.. The theme of this film is making a mockery of the American Dream. The American Dream is that anyone, no matter the circumstances, is able to succeed and be successful at what they’re trying to accomplish. It’s known as the land of opportunity. And Charles Foster Kane was able to do this because he didn’t have a very rich childhood.  The whole point of this movie is to get the point across that money can’t buy happiness, And Charles Kane is the perfect example of that. He had all the money in the world but he was never happy. First of all, he never chose that life for him. He never wanted to be some successful business man, but his mom made that decision for him, which is pretty evil. All he wanted to do was be loved and seen as a good person. That’s why he ran for governor, so people can see him as a good guy, but he only really did it for himself and not for the people. The same thing when he built his wife an opera house. She hated opera singing and wanted to stop doing it, but he forced her to keep doing it because it made him look good some how. This movie made a great point, but it couldn’t have done it in  more boring way.


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