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The first time I read “The Celebrated Jumping Frog From Calaveras County” I thought it was just a piece of literature that was there just to waste your time, and I wasn’t completely wrong. When you first read it, you think the narrator is smart and you think Simon Wheeler is dumb because of the way he talks. He uses words like “feller” and “curiosest” so you get the impression that he’s not that smart. The narrator then asks Simon Wheeler if he knew where Leonidas W. Smiley is. Simon Wheeler then talks about a completely different person. The reader and the narrator both think that Simon is clueless because he’s talking about a different person and we think that Simon just wasted our time. But Simon was telling some pretty unbelievable stories that HE knew weren’t true, so he ended up just wasting everybody’s time and made us and the narrator look like the idiot. It was making the point that just because someone doesn’t look or seem smart, can really be smarter than the person who thinks they’re smart. I don’t know too much about The Adventures Huckleberry Finn, but I think I  no enough information to know what it will be about. Mark Twain wrote it so I know there’s going to be a lot of satire in it. I think it’s supposed to satirize the racism in the south. There’s going to be a lot of racism in it. I think it tells a story of a boy and a slave that go on some adventure and the boy isn’t racist. My opinion and what I know about it will probably change after I read it, but I’ll have to wait until then. The short film we watched iMom caught me by surprise. It satirizes our dependence on technology and how we rely on it too much. It also satirizes parenting and we see the different types of parents and how and why they use and have an iMom. The boy’s mom you can see doesn’t really care for him that much. The baby is obviously the favorite child, and when he was talking to her she was on her phone and was more focused on going out and partying and not focusing on taking care of her children. The ending really caught me off guard, which was the creepiest part of the film.



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