Blog 16

1.) I do agree that a government should offer more freedom for how it’s citizens live their lives, but they should supply equality among its citizens. Communism is the worst type of government because the government controls everything. They control how you think, what is right and wrong, what you’re able to buy and purchase, and it puts a limit on how much you’re able to live. And that type of government just ends up being corrupt and control hungry. Our type of government has way more freedom, put there are still some restrictions too it. Obviously I think all government should have laws that keep the peace and offer stuff to it’s community, but in order to do that we need taxes. But some of the taxes that we have pay don’t directly affect us so we just end up paying to something that doesn’t matter to us.

2.) The government we have know has some of my respect, but there is a lot of stuff that they keep secret from us. Some times we don’t know where our tax dollars are going. And they’re ALWAYS watching us and spying on us and know what we’re doing. It kind of creeps me out how your phones are always listening to you and there are cameras everywhere now so you lose all your privacy. But they also supply us with a lot of opportunities and the economy is good right now so I can respect them for that.

3.) Civil disobedience still plays a major role in society today. It shows that we can still have an influence on our government to make change and evolve as a society. Mr Luther King Jr. and Gandhi are perfect examples, even though they made change in the past. They were able to majorly influence entire nations to change the way their government worked and aced and they did it peacefully, which also shows that we don’t have to resort to violence to get change. If the people want change, they’ll get change (unless they live in a communist state lol). The government should be influenced by its people, not its leader.

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