The Dodo’s Dillhole

So far I hate this poem so much. I struggle a lot just to try to understand what each stanza and line means and what he or she is trying to make us understand. But so far I think I have the slightest understanding of theme in this work. I think the theme is that when the guy is making his model, he sees it as his perfect world or utopia as an escape from actual reality. But the way he perceives his world as perfect may differ from what other people perceive it as. Good and evil is just how the person perceives it as, so there is no definite good or evil if it’s just a perception. Like when the author talked about sirens he says, “or mermaids” which is another term for a mermaid. The word siren has to different meanings, a good side which the mermaids, and the bad side which is police sirens. Some people see police sirens as a good thing to know that crime is going to be stopped, other see it as a bad thing because there is crime going on. Good and evil isn’t real if everyone views it differently. The rest of the analysis is confusing because it’s so subtle and gives little context or information to find the stuff like the occasion, or the allusion. The theme is the easiest to find because it’s how the reader perceives it, the rest has a definite answer. The sound and sense questions for this poem were way harder than Eldorado. It was easier in Eldorado because it told a story that was easy to follow. In The Dodo’s Conundrum, nothing really happens. The only thing that happens is a guy setting up a model. I feel like writing poetry has helped me analyze poems better, but not this poem. In all the poems that I wrote, they had an easy theme to understand and they all told a story. It’s easier to understand to the deeper meaning in poems through the actions and events that take place. And I thought we were done with poetry, so whats deal with this bs?!

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