The Dodo’s Dillhole

So far I hate this poem so much. I struggle a lot just to try to understand what each stanza and line means and what he or she is trying to make us understand. But so far I think I have the slightest understanding of theme in this work. I think the theme is that when the guy is making his model, he sees it as his perfect world or utopia as an escape from actual reality. But the way he perceives his world as perfect may differ from what other people perceive it as. Good and evil is just how the person perceives it as, so there is no definite good or evil if it’s just a perception. Like when the author talked about sirens he says, “or mermaids” which is another term for a mermaid. The word siren has to different meanings, a good side which the mermaids, and the bad side which is police sirens. Some people see police sirens as a good thing to know that crime is going to be stopped, other see it as a bad thing because there is crime going on. Good and evil isn’t real if everyone views it differently. The rest of the analysis is confusing because it’s so subtle and gives little context or information to find the stuff like the occasion, or the allusion. The theme is the easiest to find because it’s how the reader perceives it, the rest has a definite answer. The sound and sense questions for this poem were way harder than Eldorado. It was easier in Eldorado because it told a story that was easy to follow. In The Dodo’s Conundrum, nothing really happens. The only thing that happens is a guy setting up a model. I feel like writing poetry has helped me analyze poems better, but not this poem. In all the poems that I wrote, they had an easy theme to understand and they all told a story. It’s easier to understand to the deeper meaning in poems through the actions and events that take place. And I thought we were done with poetry, so whats deal with this bs?!

goodbye poetry

After we started righting poetry, I realized how hard and annoying it can be. writing a meaningless poem is hard enough, but trying to write it with a purpose is just straight impossible.  Whenever I try to write a poem with meaning, it just ends up making no sense and is more confusing. Poems with no meaning are easier to understand because it just tells a story, poems with “meaning” and “purpose”  just end up confusing people and no one really understands what it means because everyone interprets it in a different way. Poets are basically the biggest trolls of all. I actually tried to reach the requirements in the second poem, but not every poem needs to have allusion or a central theme. Forcing requirements on to a poem could make it worse because it could change the direction of what the poet originally wanted its poem to be about. My second poem was about how much I hate writing poetry and how i just dislike it in general. I ended up eventually finishing it, but it took blood sweat and tears to write that SOB.  It took me an hour to write ONE stanza, which doesn’t sound that hard. But if you’re mentally handicapped like me when it comes to poetry, you would understand. If you read it, it might make no sense, which is what I was going for because that is how I interpret poetry.

I guess visual elements could help understand the reader imagine in their head what the poetry is portraying. Like if the the poem is telling a story, it could use descriptive words so the reader can picture the events that are happening in the poem. If the poem isn’t telling a story, it could use words that can help the reader what the poet is feeling emotionally or mentally too. If you really want to be smart and easy about it you could just add actual picture to your poem. That’s the best way to do it so the reader can understand it better. I’m glad i’ll never have to do poetry again. (hopefully)

poetry is stupid

So far, I still really don’t like poetry. It makes no sense and is rest slow unlikable rap with no beat. A lot of poems talk about random crap and have very vague clues to understand the theme and the theme usually makes no sense to hat was in the actual poem. The poems that we read so far I still don’t like. The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe I read in eighth grade and its supposed to be scary but if actual think the stuff that happens in the poem, its pretty stupid in my opinion. Some dude hears a “tapping at his chamber door” then a raven flies in and only says nevermore. And the guy freaks out at the raven likes its some evil being and tries talking to it, Spooky! Eldorado isn’t much better. I don’t even know if Edgar Allen was trying to make it scary, because if he was he did a pretty bad job of it. It didn’t make sense that a knight talked to a pilgrim shadow. How do just talk to a shadow? Was the pilgrim not there or was it just the shadow? Analyzing Eldorado went just as I expected. I starred at it for a long expecting to eventually figure what it meant. Some how I thought I figured out the “true” or “deeper” meaning to poem. But it turned out I was all wrong and the theme was something completely different than what I thought it was. No one at my table was able to understand or find the theme of Eldorado either. And trying to find the literary devices and those things wasn’t much easier. The way that most poems are worded make no sense. No one talks like they do in poetry. It’d be a lot easier to understand if they talked like normal people. I also have no idea what I’m writing for my poem. The theme will probably be what ever I want. That’s what most poets do. They write some random poem and make up some irrelevant theme that had nothing to do what was in the actual poem. Or that’s at least what the people analyzing the poem do. End.


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600 words of hell.

Book 1

When I first started to read Wrestling Writing by John Passaro, I went in with low expectations. The only reason I read this book is because a BU wrestler gave me it after practice the one time. So I read it and it was eh. It wasn’t that interesting and I didn’t really enjoy reading it that much. I thought it would tell an actual story with characters and plot, or at least an autobiography of John Passaro, but nope. Instead it was book that had every chapter be different and unrelated to each other. Each chapter handled a different topic or issue when it came to the sport of wrestling. Even though some chapters were stupid in my opinion, I was able to relate to some of them. A lot of chapters talk about over coming a great loss or  training hard for the season. These were chapters I liked because I relate to the people he was talking about and the situation they were in. Like he mentions in the one chapter where a kid from New York lost the state championship match and how crappy it can feel. I myself have lost important matches that upset me a lot, but then the book talks about using the anger of losing as fuel for the next match. I could probably relate to that the most because that is something that I do. But some chapters talked about the bad stuff that comes with wrestling and I didn’t like these chapters because it made me not want to look forward to wrestling season. Like cutting weight and the conditioning that comes with the sport. But I guess its what expected. I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone unless you are a wrestler, it wouldn’t make any sense to them then. So overall, Wrestling Writing by John Passaro was pretty average.

Book 2

The second book I read was The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. When I first got into the book, I set my expectations extremely high because all you hear is how great the Great Gatsby is. But after reading, it wasn’t what I expected at all. I don’t get what’s so amazing about it and how its critically acclaimed. For the first couple chapters, I was confused in what was even going on. I didn’t even know when the story was taking place. They always mentioned “the war” in the book and I thought they were talking about WW2 so I thought it took place in the 1950s, but no. And Mr. Gatsby isn’t even the main character which was disappointing. All of the 3 main characters, that being Nick, Gatsby, and Daisy, are all likable characters, but I couldn’t really relate to them in a lot of ways. Mr. Gatsby is a millionaire bachelor who just wants Daisy in his life. And Daisy is a high class gold digger who didn’t have to work for anything in her life. Nick seemed to be the most relatable character in the whole book. After he got to New York City and the East coast, he finds that he enjoys living in New York more than Minnesota. Everything seemed more fast paced and excited, but he realizes that living a life like this could be damaging later on in life. I can relate to this because it is so much easier to live in the moment and not have to worry about the future. I do this sometimes, but I know then if continue to act like this, nothing would get done and I’d a bum for the rest of my life. So overall, The Great Gatsby was a good book. It wasn’t as good as I thought it would be, but its still a solid book.




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Blog seis

My story has changed a lot so far. First, originally my story was supposed to be set in modern day. But I saw that we had to have a milieu, so I decided to change the the setting to 1919 New York City because prohibition had just been ratified. During this time the mob and crime rate went way up from people illegally selling and smuggling alcohol. And originally when Dr. pen saved Richard, the antagonist, he was supposed to grow up to become a terrorist. But I decided that it wouldn’t make sense that there would be a terrorist in 1919 New York City. And also because I couldn’t think of a reason for him being a terrorist in the first place. I changed him to becoming a mobster because it made more sense during the time period because prohibition caused an increase in mob activity. My plot diagram changed a lot too. On my plot diagram he attacks a festival, but in the story they attack a rival mob because it made more sense. Also in my plot diagram, Dr. Pen visited Richard in prison before he was executed, but that never happened in the book. So far I’d say I like my story. I like that a lot of exciting events happen in it. I don’t like that the ending happens too quickly. I’m still reading my first book but I’m almost through it. It’s a alright book, but not the best. You would only like the book if you yourself was a wrestler because if someone just randomly read it, it wouldn’t make much sense to them. I would only read it again if I needed motivation or needed to relate to it some how. This book won’t affect my next book choice because this book isn’t like the normal book.



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Mob Ties

So far, this is my story. The year is 1919 (doesn’t start in 1919) and takes place in New York City. My protagonist is Dr. James Pen and he’s the most successful doctor/surgeon in the city. One night he gets a call that they need him urgently. He gets there and his assistant explains to him that the Mayor of the city, and a small family got into a car accident. Both the Mayor and a young child from the family are in critical condition, but he can save one of them. He decides to save the boy because he was young and had potential and let the mayor perish.  Years later in 1919, the 18th Amendment was ratified and prohibition is in full effect. Richard, who is now 20, was angry about prohibition. He noticed that the mafia was making a profit from prohibition by illegally selling it. Richard sees this as a good opportunity, so he joins the mob and realizes that he’s really good at being a mobster. Dr. Pen finds out about this and is very upset because he got really close to Richard’s family after he saved his life. But he knows how much trouble Richard’s been causing, so he decides to work with the police to help find him. The mob decide that there next job is to attack a rival alcohol organization. So as the mob and the rival gang are shooting at each other, the whole police force shows up and puts an end to the violence. Richard, and multiple other mobsters are arrested and put into custody. Dr. Pen decides to visit Richard in custody and ask him what caused him to do these bad things. So talked for awhile and he mentions to Dr. Pen that he is on death row and will be executed. Dr. Pen is devastated bu the news, but doesn’t express his emotions. A few days later Richard is executed, and that’s the end. My story has changed a lot so far. At first it was supposed to take place in modern day, and Richard was supposed to become a terrorist and not a mobster. But being a terrorist in 1919 New York City didn’t make much sense. I think the story did change because of the deconstruction process because the more we broke it down, the more it changed.Image result for prohibition

Blog 4: Wrestling Writing

The book I am reading right now is called Wrestling Writing by John Passaro. The thing is with this book, there is no real plot to it. Each chapter isn’t related to each other and each one has it’s own meaning and theme. But so far, I can personally relate with a lot of what Passaro was writing in these chapters. One chapter talks about coming over a great defeat in a match. He talks about how much that it sucks, and how you just need to forget about it and move on. He also brings up on how you can use the pain and anger from that match as fuel to charge you for your next one.  As a wrestler, I can greatly relate and agree with what Passaro is writing.  I myself have felt a great defeat and use it as fuel in my next one. In another, chapter he talks about how every year, there is that one match that is just heart breaker. Not for just the wrestler, but for the audience too. He also brings up how it is usually in the state finals. This is true because this last wrestling season, there was a  match like that and it was in the state finals. The match was Cole Rhone from Benton vs Joe Klock from Muncy. They were once teammates, but Clock moved to Muncy and wrestled against Rhone in the state finals. Klock beat Rhone, and it was a heart breaker for me and the Benton team because I wanted Rhone to beat Klock. And it was also sucked for Rhone because he lost in the state finals the year prior, but he had no more chances. The one thing I’d say that I don’t about this book is that Passaro tries to be over dramatic. I feel like he thinks that he is some genius writer, but really he’s just wrestling coach. Other than that, I feel like Passaro wrote a really good book. I predict that later on in  the book, I read even more stuff that I can relate to.



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DnTW blog

My first initial reaction to the Devil and Tom Walker was darker than what I originally expected.  It shocked me in that some people are willing to go so far as to sell their soul to the Devil just to fulfill their greed. The ending was really dark too I found, even though it didn’t go into too much detail of Tom being dragged to hell, it is still sinister either way. I don’t think I have read anything like this before mostly because i have never really gotten into the horror genre of stories. But I might have to get in to it after reading this story.  The way the author depicts society in this short story has me feeling both disgust, and pity for them. It makes me feel disgust because it really displays and exposes how awful and terrible human beings can be. A big focus in this story is greed, which is shown a lot in the story. Tom and his wife are both the epitome of greed. They are both willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill their greed. When Tom’s wife went missing, he was more worried about the valuables in her apron than her safety. And Tom originally denied the Devil’s offer, it was so he didn’t have to share it with his wife. I also felt pity for society because it was not a good financial situation for a lot of people back then. And also the Salem Witch Trials were going on at that time and the people were so well adjusted to all these messed up events taking place. I believe the main reason Irving wrote this story was to expose how false and rotten human beings can be. A perfect metaphor from this story is when Tom noted that the trees looked thriving on the outside, but rotten to the core. This relates the most to the Puritan because they claimed to “pure”, but really they are awful people.  If I could change this story in any way, I would modernize it more so it could appeal to more to this generation. I would change some of the words to words that people are more used to in today’s society.



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week dos

After discussing and talking about the elements of a story, I still don’t view movies in that way. I would much rather just sit down and watch a movie and enjoy it as it is instead of trying to dissect it and see it in a “new” or “deeper” way. But I guess out of all the things we learned about the elements of a short story, I would try to focus more on the symbolism of the story and how a physical object could have significance. What I mean when I say that is when there is a reoccurring object that is supposed to have a deeper meaning or is supposed to be a metaphor for something. I can’t think an object from a movie off the top of my head right now, but I definitely know some. Another element that I focused on was when it come to the tone of a story. Especially when its from a movie because it’s easier to see what type of tone the director was going for in a film just by watching and observing it. One of my favorite directors that has a unique tone to all his films is Quentin Tarantino. His tone is unique because no other director is like him because a lot of his films have a dark and griddy tone to them. His movies are kind of weird, not going to lie, but the way he delivers the tone is one of a kind. But the reason I think its easier to find an director’s tone in a movie than in an author’s tone in a novel is because its observable. In a novel, I feel it can be more difficult because the author can only rely on words to set the tone of novel, which can be harder for some people to understand, including myself. I feel like poets are able to do this better, even though a poem isn’t a short story, but because the whole point of a poem is to make you feel something. Now to talk about week 2. To be honest it wasn’t much different from week one. I feel like every week is the same repetitive cycle, but that could just be me.



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Week 1

Week one was whatever I guess. It didn’t feel much different from any other school week except less work and new teachers. I like my schedule but it’s nothing special. Tonight is the football game against Southern and we’re going to get killed. People are making bets on how bad we’ll get killed and if we’ll score or not. Some people say that we’re going to get mercy ruled, but I don’t think we’ll get killed that bad, but we’ll definitely get killed. I can’t go because I have work, but I wouldn’t have gone anyway because it’s an away game. Flash forward to after the game and I was right, we got destroyed.  I don’t even remember the score all I know is that we got whopped. But hopefully we can pull out some wins eventually. going back on topic, I think i,ll like most of my teachers this year.The classes I’m looking forward to the most are Physics, honors Psychology, and American Literature. Physics seems cool because you do labs and stuff and I like the teacher. I don’t think it’ll be an easy class though. To be honest it’ll probably be one of my hardest classes. I’m excited for Psychology because it is a topic and class that I never really given much thought to. And it’ll definitely be one of my most easy classes because all we’ve done so far is guided notes. And of course American Literature because it seems fun and interesting. I don’t know if it’ll be a hard or easy class though. I didn’t take honors, but i’m leaning towards hard because I would always hear stories of this class and because i’m sitting here and writing a weekly blog. But I guess i’ll just have to wait and see. Gym this year will be better because you don’t even have to wear your uniform if you don’t want to. Pre- Calc will probably be my hardest class because he just gave us some homework for the weekend and I’m already confused. And honors American Cultures will be another easy 100 class because just from this week i’m getting that vibe. So overall, the first week was alright. (I don’t use Advil by the way I just thought this meme was funny)Image result for back to school starter pack