It was basically impossible to follow every virtue because no one is perfect. But in the process of trying, it makes you a better person. When I first tried it out it was hard. It was hard because I don’t live by a set of rules that I try to follow. I forgot about some of the virtues or just didn’t care to be strict about. But as the week went on, I got better about following the virtues. I don’t think I could personally follow these for life. I don’t think anyone could because everyone messes up and slips. Overall, it was interesting to see how you could change for the better. I don’t know what else to say and I’m not even close to finishing this blog 🙁 . Well hope you have a great Christmas break🎄!




My first impression of the poem is it is confusing. I am not good at getting the references or the meanings so it did not make sense. I think the theme has something to do with a guy who is sad who uses the model train station as an escape. I honestly have no clue though. There were a bunch of different ideas for the theme, but it’s just confusing. These questions were not easier then Eldorado. In Eldorado, I understood what the theme was and I was able to answer the questions a lot easier. In this poem, I do not know the theme really. Writing poems has not helped me in analyzing poems. I had no clue what I was doing while writing them and reading them and trying to analyze them is hard. I have no clue what to write now and I still have to do the essay tonight so this is all I got.





My perception of poetry was modified a little since we started our intro into poetry. I still do not like poetry at all, but seeing how poem are wrote and the meanings was interesting. Writing poetry with requirements was bad. I had no clue how to incorporate the required stuff I had to put in. I’m not the best writer and having to have meaning was not enjoyable. But by seeing what to do, it makes you realize that poetry is very complex and confusing. In my first poem, nothing really made sense and there was no real meaning. In my second poem, I attempted to add meaning and all that other good stuff but still failed. The second one was still better because I actually tired, kinda. In the first poem, I didn’t really follow a process. I just rhymed words and made a rhythm pattern. In the second poem, I tired to add a message/meaning to the poem. Also, I tired to add a better rhythm pattern. The second poem is about a guy named Jakey who is mad,sad, and jealous. His friend and him become distant and are no longer friends. Jakey becomes upset with life and does nothing all the time. He eventually sees his old friend Spencer hanging out with Mike. Jakey is enraged and wants to fight Spencer because he started hanging out with someone more cool and popular. The poems theme is when jealously gets the best of you, it never ends well for anyone. In the story, Jakey is wearing a green shirt to illustrate greed and jealousy. Visuals play a big part for people to better understand what every they are trying to understand. Some people can not paint the picture in their head and visuals help. For my poem or anyone who is not the best at writing, visuals will illustrate what the author was trying to portray in the writing. Also, when people read other people’s work, they might misinterpret what the author was trying to say. Visuals make it more clear and better to understand for some people.



I do not like poetry at all. I can not write poetry and especially do not like reading it. When we read poems in class, I did not get the meaning at first. The thing I do not like about poems the most is trying to find the theme/meaning. Each person perceives the poem differently and that makes it difficult and understanding the meaning behind the poem. I didn’t like any of the poems in class for that reason. For example, we read Eldorado in class. It made no sense at all. Then we had to interpret the meaning of what we thought the poem meant. Everyone had different ideas that we discussed to try and find the theme. I had no clue what the theme was because I do not read poetry a lot. Once the entire class went over the theme, the poem made more sense. It gave the words a deeper meaning after knowing what the theme was supposed to be. Having to do that every time we read a poem just to understand it is the reason I have no interest in poetry. I am not good with poetry and writing it is even harder. Trying to come up with things that make sense is not for me. My poem is about a boy who has something wrong with him and he barely moves. He becomes depressed and he can’t take it any longer. I have absolutely no clue how this poem came about. I’ve been trying to come up with something for so long and this is the only poem that made any sense when it was written out. I did not mean it for it to be so grim, but that’s how it turned out to be. He is stuck in his mind all day and can not escape. The family knows he is getting worse and worse but there is nothing they can do to help him. He finally has enough and decides to jump from his window. I was watching Law and Order and I think the messed up people had an influence while I was writing this.

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blog 6

When we first started out I had no clue what I was going to write about. I was definitely leaning towards the fiction side. My first idea/ concept was that a team of astronauts were going to set up a base on the moon. When they would get there, there would be a bunch of aliens trying to kill them. I figured it be to long and hard to try to have a bunch of different aliens, so I changed that to only one super alien. At the end of my original idea, they would fight off all the aliens and make it back home. But one would make it back with them. I changed the ending because you did not want the story to be left on a cliff hanger. I am surprised that my story came out decent for the amount I had to do in little time. I made the whole thing up in one night. I do not like how there is not a lot of action scenes or how the story gives a somewhat boring vibes at part. It is not a story that is going to keep readers stuck on the books. Also, the idea wasn’t anything original. It was kind of just a basic ufo story. I am done with book one. It was not what I expected at all. I saw the movies before reading the book and the movies were definitely better. Still do not have a second book yet but my first book definitely will effect my decision on what I want to read. The book is never like the movie so I will try to stay away from that. I will probably pick out a good mystery book because then I have to pay attention to find solve the mystery.



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My bad for writing this blog so late I had work everyday during fair and I was just to tired to do anything lol. When we first started to think of ideas for a story I was completely lost. So when I get home that night I look up good ideas for stories ( I know, so original ) . One of the ideas was about ufos and aliens and all that, so I decided I’d write about it. Still had no clue for a story but at least I had an idea. The activity’s in class helped shape story. Trying to write a story from nothing is really hard. I’ve never been the person that loves language arts or writing, so having to write a story is never fun. Each day we worked on certain aspects of our stories to try and develop everything better. I’ve been taught this in years past but never this deep. We analyzed books that I would’ve never thought had any meaning to it. But after going through and seeing how it works helped me out when making my story. It made it a lot easier to break everything down and slowly one by one put the story together. When I had to write in the past, I never really cared a whole lot of making the story have meaning and all the little details and symbols. I have everything I need to put my story together, all I have to do is finish it. It doesn’t say to have a certain word count so I think I should be good. I would try to make it to 350, but I still have to put together a story tonight.

week 3

When I first read the book, I did not understand it all the way. After going over it, thew book is dark and messed up. It is similar to things that I have read in the past. Not the story itself, but the way it has hidden messages. The impression of society that I got was it is a lot deeper than I would of imagined. Tom sold his soul to the devil and that is why is he forced to be mean and have no mercy. The story is also different from most things I read. It isn’t a book I would ever read on my own but only in class. The story presented society as bad, boring, greedy people. I think the author wrote this story to show how greedy people really are. Both the husband and wife are willing to steal each others valuables to try and make a deal with the devil. Tom is so desperate for the treasure that he sells his soul to the devil and in the end it does not work out. The point he was trying to make is people are greedy and having is all set in life does not make you happy. If I could change the story, I would make it more modern so people my age could understand it better. Like people my age do not really know who the Puritans are. It would help understanding it better if I could relate. I could keep the same concept but make it more exciting. The story right now is boring and hard to follow a long. I would have Tom live out this crazy life ( because the devil is granting him wishes or something) just to have the devil come knocking on his door when he is in his older in life. It would depict him as an old, greedy, unhappy man would regrets making this deal because now he has to live in hell with his wife for the rest of eternity. The ending would be comical because Tom was trying to get away from his wife, but in the end, he ends up with her.

week 2

Every year we go over elements of a short story, and this year was no different. Everything we went over I already have learned. It does help with looking at a story in a different way. It adds depth to the story and helps you understand what is happening more. For example, in The Incredibles 2, I was able to follow and understand the plot more. I was able to do this because I knew what to look for when watching the movie. I was able to predict better because of knowing how stories go. The first time I watch it I missed all the little details. After going over elements of a short story, I could make a connection with the characters and what was going on. When you just observe a story, you don’t connect as good. Being an active participate makes you have to pay attention and follow along more making a better connection with the story. I am most often just observing the story and thinking nothing of it. I don’t read that much and mostly just watch movies or television shows. I be focusing better, but when watching television shows you go on your phone and get distracted. Reading on the other hand, once your hooked you just keep reading and that is all you focus on. To make the transition, you would need to read more so you can better understand anything that you watch or read better. I’m sure once you understand elements of a short story good you can watch movies and shows and understand just as good as a book. But for me that is just not the case. In week one, we did not do that much work because we were just getting back from summer vacation. In week two we started having more work but nothing to crazy. I did forget that we had a blog and the other assignment due yesterday. I procrastinate a lot but nowhere near as bad as Joey. I also still have to do a packet for math class that is due tomorrow and I did not start any of it.Image result for the officeImage result for the office

First week

The first week of school wasn’t that bad. It did make me realize how much i love the weekend. I have a pretty good schedule this year and so far there’s not a class that I don’t like. Now that school started I’ve had to get back on a normal sleep schedule. So far not so good but getting better. From what I’ve heard, this year is the hardest because you have to figure out your life and all that stuff. So hopefully that works out. I would like to have good grades this year. For the past two years I have not really cared what i got as long as I passed. I mostly ended up with mid 80’s but would like to get low 90’s. Although there isn’t any classes i don’t like yet, there isn’t any classes that I enjoy. I don’t like I’m going to like precalculus. Not because the teacher, just because it seems like it is going to be a challenging class. Hopefully this class isn’t hard because I never really liked English classes. Already struggling with trying to get 350 words. The school gave me art and i did not want that class but I can’t switch with something better. It seems fun and all but I am not good at drawing. In a week or two I am going to start driving with Mr. Archie. Once I get my licence, I will try to get a job. It might be difficult trying to balance working and school but the extra cash is always clutch. My time is off from the actual time, do not know how to fix it. There wasn’t anything to crazy but one thing happened on Friday which was pretty crazy. I am not sure if I can say it, but someone got catch with something. He’s one of my brother’s friend and we are chill. When i found out i was dying of how dumb he is. Hopefully he does not get into any major trouble. Overall, I would have to give my first week a seven out of ten.