sad hours

The themes of all of the poem are not happy, but more depressing. In the poem The Love Song of J. Alfred  Prufrock, his central neuroses arises from the fact that he does not know what to do with himself. Prufrock’s indecision is a source of anxiety that causes his mind to unravel. His anxiety makes him indecisive, and his indecisiveness in turn makes him more anxious. He is also lonely. He is afraid of women in a way. He mess around with them having one night stands. He is turning older and his anxiety comes from morality. In the poem Disillusionment of Ten O’Clock, it is about loneliness and regret. He never got married and he starts to realize what he missed out as time goes on. In the poem anyone lived in a pretty how town, it is about the loss of identity of people in the modern world. Also, it talks about how everyone is going to die at some point. All of the themes are connected because they are dark. They all talk about the things in life that are just depressing and sad. I think the poem anyone lived in a pretty how town applies the most to society today. It is true, people are becoming more distant as modern technology advances and times change. People aren’t interacting like they used to in the past. I like that poem the most out of all of them. It was confusing, but once you understood what he was trying to convey, it is dark. But it is also very true. It really does hit home.



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