My initial thoughts of the film is it weird. I mostly think this of all older movies because they are so different from today. The story line is interesting and draws you in. I don’t like all the hidden details that you have to try to figure out the meaning of like the color lights or different uses of music. I also don’t like that the main character is called by different names which makes it a little confusing. Obviously the things I would change is better effects and all the stuff. Just an updated version would be better. Also, making the setting in modern times. But for the time that the movie came out, it seemed more advanced and was put together very well.











My initial impression of the work is that it makes no sense. I am not good at trying to figure out the meaning of something when it comes to these. Our section wasn’t to bad, but it was still not fun to do.        His transcendentalist philosophy affects his writing. You can tell by his views in the work, though a lot of things have different meanings than what you first originally think of. I think the most important line in our sections is, “I have no mockings or arguments, I witness and wait.”. This line especially helps with conveying the theme. He can’t control everything, all the good and bad stuff in the world. He knows this, so instead of getting all worried he just sits back and waits. I’m having a lot of difficulties with this. Trying to decipher the  meaning is hard. I thought we did a good job at figuring out what he meant. When we went up a lot of stuff was wrong but I guess it just be like that.