Before this unit I did not know how to properly debate and all the good stuff. I watch videos of people debating but never really understood what they were truly doing. I would have arguments and debates before, but never actually having to prepare and be ready. Learning how arguing works you has improved my ability of beating people. I never had any form when it came to debating/ arguing before. I would still win most of the times but it not because I was better, just that the other person did not know how to argue either. But know knowing how it works, it has made it a lot easier to defeat whoever you are debating. Most people my age did not know how to debate properly. It was usually just a bunch of nonsense but since whoever was debating didn’t know, it worked. But now, arguments have gotten better and are more harder to debate if you also do not know what to do. There are tons of adults that don’t know how to debate, but it was something that I did not know. An adult could have a bad argument but it was hard because of not knowing what they were trying to do. It has gotten easier to see where the conversation is going and is easier to control it so you win. Developing a valid argument is so much easier now. You can also better understand your opponents argument because you know how it was constructed. Being good a debating is hard, but practicing and learning has made it easier to do. It was hard in the beginning and still is not easy not, but I do have a better understanding.


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