My perception of poetry was modified a little since we started our intro into poetry. I still do not like poetry at all, but seeing how poem are wrote and the meanings was interesting. Writing poetry with requirements was bad. I had no clue how to incorporate the required stuff I had to put in. I’m not the best writer and having to have meaning was not enjoyable. But by seeing what to do, it makes you realize that poetry is very complex and confusing. In my first poem, nothing really made sense and there was no real meaning. In my second poem, I attempted to add meaning and all that other good stuff but still failed. The second one was still better because I actually tired, kinda. In the first poem, I didn’t really follow a process. I just rhymed words and made a rhythm pattern. In the second poem, I tired to add a message/meaning to the poem. Also, I tired to add a better rhythm pattern. The second poem is about a guy named Jakey who is mad,sad, and jealous. His friend and him become distant and are no longer friends. Jakey becomes upset with life and does nothing all the time. He eventually sees his old friend Spencer hanging out with Mike. Jakey is enraged and wants to fight Spencer because he started hanging out with someone more cool and popular. The poems theme is when jealously gets the best of you, it never ends well for anyone. In the story, Jakey is wearing a green shirt to illustrate greed and jealousy. Visuals play a big part for people to better understand what every they are trying to understand. Some people can not paint the picture in their head and visuals help. For my poem or anyone who is not the best at writing, visuals will illustrate what the author was trying to portray in the writing. Also, when people read other people’s work, they might misinterpret what the author was trying to say. Visuals make it more clear and better to understand for some people.


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