My bad for writing this blog so late I had work everyday during fair and I was just to tired to do anything lol. When we first started to think of ideas for a story I was completely lost. So when I get home that night I look up good ideas for stories ( I know, so original ) . One of the ideas was about ufos and aliens and all that, so I decided I’d write about it. Still had no clue for a story but at least I had an idea. The activity’s in class helped shape story. Trying to write a story from nothing is really hard. I’ve never been the person that loves language arts or writing, so having to write a story is never fun. Each day we worked on certain aspects of our stories to try and develop everything better. I’ve been taught this in years past but never this deep. We analyzed books that I would’ve never thought had any meaning to it. But after going through and seeing how it works helped me out when making my story. It made it a lot easier to break everything down and slowly one by one put the story together. When I had to write in the past, I never really cared a whole lot of making the story have meaning and all the little details and symbols. I have everything I need to put my story together, all I have to do is finish it. It doesn’t say to have a certain word count so I think I should be good. I would try to make it to 350, but I still have to put together a story tonight.

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