week 3

When I first read the book, I did not understand it all the way. After going over it, thew book is dark and messed up. It is similar to things that I have read in the past. Not the story itself, but the way it has hidden messages. The impression of society that I got was it is a lot deeper than I would of imagined. Tom sold his soul to the devil and that is why is he forced to be mean and have no mercy. The story is also different from most things I read. It isn’t a book I would ever read on my own but only in class. The story presented society as bad, boring, greedy people. I think the author wrote this story to show how greedy people really are. Both the husband and wife are willing to steal each others valuables to try and make a deal with the devil. Tom is so desperate for the treasure that he sells his soul to the devil and in the end it does not work out. The point he was trying to make is people are greedy and having is all set in life does not make you happy. If I could change the story, I would make it more modern so people my age could understand it better. Like people my age do not really know who the Puritans are. It would help understanding it better if I could relate. I could keep the same concept but make it more exciting. The story right now is boring and hard to follow a long. I would have Tom live out this crazy life ( because the devil is granting him wishes or something) just to have the devil come knocking on his door when he is in his older in life. It would depict him as an old, greedy, unhappy man would regrets making this deal because now he has to live in hell with his wife for the rest of eternity. The ending would be comical because Tom was trying to get away from his wife, but in the end, he ends up with her.

week 2

Every year we go over elements of a short story, and this year was no different. Everything we went over I already have learned. It does help with looking at a story in a different way. It adds depth to the story and helps you understand what is happening more. For example, in The Incredibles 2, I was able to follow and understand the plot more. I was able to do this because I knew what to look for when watching the movie. I was able to predict better because of knowing how stories go. The first time I watch it I missed all the little details. After going over elements of a short story, I could make a connection with the characters and what was going on. When you just observe a story, you don’t connect as good. Being an active participate makes you have to pay attention and follow along more making a better connection with the story. I am most often just observing the story and thinking nothing of it. I don’t read that much and mostly just watch movies or television shows. I be focusing better, but when watching television shows you go on your phone and get distracted. Reading on the other hand, once your hooked you just keep reading and that is all you focus on. To make the transition, you would need to read more so you can better understand anything that you watch or read better. I’m sure once you understand elements of a short story good you can watch movies and shows and understand just as good as a book. But for me that is just not the case. In week one, we did not do that much work because we were just getting back from summer vacation. In week two we started having more work but nothing to crazy. I did forget that we had a blog and the other assignment due yesterday. I procrastinate a lot but nowhere near as bad as Joey. I also still have to do a packet for math class that is due tomorrow and I did not start any of it.Image result for the officeImage result for the office