First week

The first week of school wasn’t that bad. It did make me realize how much i love the weekend. I have a pretty good schedule this year and so far there’s not a class that I don’t like. Now that school started I’ve had to get back on a normal sleep schedule. So far not so good but getting better. From what I’ve heard, this year is the hardest because you have to figure out your life and all that stuff. So hopefully that works out. I would like to have good grades this year. For the past two years I have not really cared what i got as long as I passed. I mostly ended up with mid 80’s but would like to get low 90’s. Although there isn’t any classes i don’t like yet, there isn’t any classes that I enjoy. I don’t like I’m going to like precalculus. Not because the teacher, just because it seems like it is going to be a challenging class. Hopefully this class isn’t hard because I never really liked English classes. Already struggling with trying to get 350 words. The school gave me art and i did not want that class but I can’t switch with something better. It seems fun and all but I am not good at drawing. In a week or two I am going to start driving with Mr. Archie. Once I get my licence, I will try to get a job. It might be difficult trying to balance working and school but the extra cash is always clutch. My time is off from the actual time, do not know how to fix it. There wasn’t anything to crazy but one thing happened on Friday which was pretty crazy. I am not sure if I can say it, but someone got catch with something. He’s one of my brother’s friend and we are chill. When i found out i was dying of how dumb he is. Hopefully he does not get into any major trouble. Overall, I would have to give my first week a seven out of ten.

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