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Jacob Guzevich

One of the most iconic albums by the Jackson 5 was “ABC”. The album was released 46 years ago under record label  Motown. The album was sung by brothers Jackie Jackson, Tito Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, Marlon Jackson, and Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson was only 11 years when he sang on the album. It was the second album by the Jackson 5. There are twelve songs on the album.  The album has a similar vibe as their other album “Anthology”. The 35:45 minute album was the number one album when it came out in 1970.

Most of the songs on the album are about love, like the songs “ABC” or “One More Chance”. Those two songs are the more happy and upbeat. “ABC” is about how love is just easy and worry free. “One More Chance” features Michael Jackson singing about how he lost his girl and asking for another chance. They are the best songs on the album. The album has  a unique sound because Michael Jackson was only 11 when he sang. There are some slower songs but they are still really good. Two examples of slower songs on the album is “Don’t know why I love you” and “2-4-6-8”. “2-4-6-8” is about how Michael Jackson likes this girl a lot but she doesn’t appreciate him. “Don’t know Why I Love You” is about him loving a girl but she doesn’t like him. They are still somewhat fast but compared to the rest of the album they seem slow.

I recommend the album to a person who likes upbeat fun songs. A contemporary artist who has a similar vibe is Bruno Mars

4 thoughts on “Review of ABC

  1. This is a good review. It was well set up and a good album. Some things were repeated which was a little annoying. Overall it was good.

  2. I agree but when did the Jackson 5 begin to sing. I cant believe Michael Jackson was 11 when he started to sing in the Jackson This review is so interesting because I never knew anything about the Jackson 5.

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