I thought the film was very interesting. I thought it was going to be stupid in the beginning, but it did become some what decent. I did not like how the film ended. There was all this build up to the mystery to what the meaning was, and it was something so insignificant. The theme is a classic one that everyone says, money can not buy happiness. He could have bought anything he wanted, he had en empire over a lot of things. He wasn’t happy though. He can not be happy because he can not find love. He spends his whole life just trying to find love, but when that doesn’t work he just throws around his money. He also wants people to like him and the only way he knows how to do is just throw his money around. His mom basically sold him away when he was a kid. He did not know what was going on, he was just taken away. He was never the same after that. He was so happy being with his family and just being a kid. He was robbed from that. From the outside it looked like his life changed for the better. He was going to be raised into wealth and make a ton of money and not having to worry about most things in life. But that was not the case for him. He was vulnerable and alone. I think that is the case because his dying words we the name of his sled, back when everything was easy, when he was alright and happy. He had everything he could every imagine yet he wasn’t happy. Money can not buy happiness.







sad hours

The themes of all of the poem are not happy, but more depressing. In the poem The Love Song of J. Alfred  Prufrock, his central neuroses arises from the fact that he does not know what to do with himself. Prufrock’s indecision is a source of anxiety that causes his mind to unravel. His anxiety makes him indecisive, and his indecisiveness in turn makes him more anxious. He is also lonely. He is afraid of women in a way. He mess around with them having one night stands. He is turning older and his anxiety comes from morality. In the poem Disillusionment of Ten O’Clock, it is about loneliness and regret. He never got married and he starts to realize what he missed out as time goes on. In the poem anyone lived in a pretty how town, it is about the loss of identity of people in the modern world. Also, it talks about how everyone is going to die at some point. All of the themes are connected because they are dark. They all talk about the things in life that are just depressing and sad. I think the poem anyone lived in a pretty how town applies the most to society today. It is true, people are becoming more distant as modern technology advances and times change. People aren’t interacting like they used to in the past. I like that poem the most out of all of them. It was confusing, but once you understood what he was trying to convey, it is dark. But it is also very true. It really does hit home.



blog 20

I like the way it was written. Having the story told from his perspective made it funny. I kept getting confused though because of it also. I thought one thing but turns out it’s wrong because the story is only told in his perspective. The use of satire was also well done in this book as well. I don’t know how “The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn?” is going to be. I’ve heard the name but know nothing really about it. I think it’s going to have its humor and use a good amount of satire. It may be told in one of the character’s perspective. I thought “iMom” was very well done. It is true that technology is advancing and getting to a scary point where this doesn’t feel like it could happen. The ability of a robot to do such things was being satirized. The presentation and commentary well done. I thought it was going to be a horror thing the whole time. It had some humor but it hit every who watched it because it could happen.





I have a lot of experience with satire and humor. I like all types of humor. I’m not the type of person to get offended over jokes. I like dark humor and dank memes. Most of the stuff is definitely not school appropriate and people now a days get offended over everything. I can’t even describe most of the stuff because they are memes and you just have to know to understand. I am honestly a horrible person lol, like the more messed up it is, the funnier it gets. I don’t know much about Mark Twain or his style of writing. One interesting thing I found about him is that he won a prize  for american humor.  The award is given by the Kennedy Center to people who have had an impact on American society. His works are classic among some of the best books in US history. I honestly have no clue how any one can make this into a 350 word blog but respect for them.




My initial thoughts of the film is it weird. I mostly think this of all older movies because they are so different from today. The story line is interesting and draws you in. I don’t like all the hidden details that you have to try to figure out the meaning of like the color lights or different uses of music. I also don’t like that the main character is called by different names which makes it a little confusing. Obviously the things I would change is better effects and all the stuff. Just an updated version would be better. Also, making the setting in modern times. But for the time that the movie came out, it seemed more advanced and was put together very well.











My initial impression of the work is that it makes no sense. I am not good at trying to figure out the meaning of something when it comes to these. Our section wasn’t to bad, but it was still not fun to do.        His transcendentalist philosophy affects his writing. You can tell by his views in the work, though a lot of things have different meanings than what you first originally think of. I think the most important line in our sections is, “I have no mockings or arguments, I witness and wait.”. This line especially helps with conveying the theme. He can’t control everything, all the good and bad stuff in the world. He knows this, so instead of getting all worried he just sits back and waits. I’m having a lot of difficulties with this. Trying to decipher the  meaning is hard. I thought we did a good job at figuring out what he meant. When we went up a lot of stuff was wrong but I guess it just be like that.



civil disobedience

I do agree that the government is best which governs least to some extent. The role of the government is to make sure everything is in order and listening to the people on issues that are going on their own society and the world. The told of the government to the citizens to to respect their rights and to keep society safe. I understand what he’s saying. We definitely have the best government in the entire world, but that doesn’t mean it is perfect. People can control the system to their advantage and control the world behind closed doors. The kind of government that commends my respect is one that is not corrupt and one that is fair. Do I think this is possible? No, not really. There will always be a way to take advantage of the system. But that kind of government would make it fair for everyone unlike how it is now. The role of civil disobedience today is still important. When there is something that is not right, the people can make their voice heard and make change. It is not always a good thing but it is very effective. It is still effective because people have emotions and like to rebel. Most of the time is is for the right reason, but sometimes it can be unjust.




Before this unit I did not know how to properly debate and all the good stuff. I watch videos of people debating but never really understood what they were truly doing. I would have arguments and debates before, but never actually having to prepare and be ready. Learning how arguing works you has improved my ability of beating people. I never had any form when it came to debating/ arguing before. I would still win most of the times but it not because I was better, just that the other person did not know how to argue either. But know knowing how it works, it has made it a lot easier to defeat whoever you are debating. Most people my age did not know how to debate properly. It was usually just a bunch of nonsense but since whoever was debating didn’t know, it worked. But now, arguments have gotten better and are more harder to debate if you also do not know what to do. There are tons of adults that don’t know how to debate, but it was something that I did not know. An adult could have a bad argument but it was hard because of not knowing what they were trying to do. It has gotten easier to see where the conversation is going and is easier to control it so you win. Developing a valid argument is so much easier now. You can also better understand your opponents argument because you know how it was constructed. Being good a debating is hard, but practicing and learning has made it easier to do. It was hard in the beginning and still is not easy not, but I do have a better understanding.



My topic that I got is pro modify school days. This is not my personal position on this issue. I don’t really have a strong stance on ether side, but I am more on the side of leaving it the same. I don’t know a whole lot about this issue, all I know is that people want to push back the day so kids can get more sleep. When looking up this topic, i found overwhelming people saying we should start school later for many health reasons. I am going to talk about how just moving school back a little bit will have more positive than negative on everyone. An ethical issue on this topic regards the health of the kids. I would bring up how there are studies that show kids performing better when pushing back the school start time even 30 minutes. Mental health is a big issue in today’s world. People are more aware of it and take it more serious than ever. Kids need more sleep to improve their mental health and their overall learning experience. 60% of children under the age of 18 complained of being tired during the day, according to their parents, and 15% said they fell asleep at school during the year. I would use this as an ethical point. Kids are not getting enough sleep and we now knowing this but not doing anything about it. There are a few emotions I could bring into play. Everyone who went to school every knows the dreaded felling of getting up n the morning and not getting enough sleep. People will be understanding of this issue and even mad. With all the research showing that kids under preform when not getting enough sleep, and we knowing about it yet nothing is changing.




A current issue which could be up for debate is whether or not marijuana should be legalized. One side wants it to be legalized, the other does not. The pro sides main points are boosts the economy, traffic deaths and DUI decrease, it becomes regulated and safer, takes money from drug cartels and the black market, it is safer than alcohol and tobacco. The con sides main points are it creates steep costs for society, may increase teen use, traffic accidents and deaths increase, it is addictive and dependence will increase with legalization, the black market benefit, more medical emergencies, it harms the brain, harms the health of users and people around them. I’m on the pro side because it is safer then tobacco and alcohol. If you’re doing it on your own time and your not harming anyone. why not. Also, I want it to be an option instead of taking hard pill after when you go to the hospital. My school year has gone pretty good so far. I would like to get my grades up to the 90s instead of 85s. I am improving myself by working out everyday. This year is going to go very good i can already tell. The plan is to just lift until like June and just see how it goes. Hopefully I will be in good shape by then. Something that would prevent me from going would be myself. But that is not happening anytime soon so I will be good. I have been and will keep going to lift and get in shape. It would let me add a picture but I will make my own.