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Poetry, honestly I am not one hundred percent sure how I feel about it. I like reading some poems and I think that some can have a lot of meaning and an important message. However writing poetry is pretty difficult. I got my poem done but thinking of ideas and writing it is just hard. Its easier once you get going. I thought of it as writing a little rap verse and I made mine funny but honestly I thought that it was pretty good. I liked reading the poem “Eldorado”, it was a little weird not going to lie but it was cool and kind of trippy. The poem just made you think, like what does the land of Eldorado stand for for every average person? And what happens when you find it? The poem was low key sad, just that he never found it, and he spent his whole life searching for something that the knight could only find once he was dead. But I am not really sure what I could do to make my poem better, I honestly put a lot of effort in to it and it was still hard which does not usually happen. I could probably work on the flow of it a little but and extend my vocabulary to get better rhyming words. I know that writing this next poem is going to be a real challenge for me as I am not too good at writing in general. But on a different topic I also liked the one poem that we read where the bird was trolling the guy and he was all scared and stuff. I thought that one was pretty cool and interesting. I guess poetry is not so bad after all. I am just not really sure how people make money off of this stuff.Image result for simpsons raven poem

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