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As you go further and further into the story of Huckleberry Finn, you will notice that something about Huck is changing in story. When the story progresses, Huck progressively begins to mature. Earlier in the story, Huck pulls a prank on Jim by throwing a dead rattlesnake at him, but it back fires by Jim getting bitten by another rattlesnake. Huck, instead of admitting his joke, got rid of the evidence. This was a childish move on his part. Another thing that Huck did that was a little childish was when he almost turned in Jim, because for a moment he thought it was the right thing to do. There were also decisions that were just like, wait WHAT?? For example, Huck’s definition of borrowing. This sounds like the the most stupidest excuse for stealing I have ever heard. But later in the story, Huck begins to think differently and starts to act more mature-like. For example, Huck redeems himself for the prank he did earlier. He does he prank anyway, but this time, instead of getting rid of the evidence, he apologizes to Jim and Jim accepts his apology. After that moment, the relationship between Jim and Huck would be much stronger now that Jim can trust him. Even though he might stray from the main goal (Getting Jim free) from time to time, he handles problems more efficiently than before. Another thing that made Huck appear more mature was when he helped Mary Jane, one of the girls who was having all their possessions taken away from the duke, escape the house. He helps her escape by telling her to stay at a friends house. Even though this will be difficult for Huck, this makes him mature the fact that he has to rescue two people from an unfortunate fate. From these events, I think Huck has changed a lot during the story.

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