Humor is one of my favorite things on this earth. From silly-physical humor to dark-psychological humor, I will like the humor, if it’s good that is. My example of humor is a YouTube clip called, “George Bush on Global Warming”, and this clip is making fun of liberals. The point of what this clip is trying to say is that liberals can never be trusted and that they might lie and all that good stuff. Another type of humor I like is from Jeff Dunham. Yeah sure, he’s a ventriloquist, but he’s really funny. He makes jokes about himself, has some fourth wall breaks (sometimes), and when he goes on a tour at certain places he’ll joke about the environment and ethnicity in that area. It’s a little dark, depending on were the location is, but it’s still pretty comical. One type of physical humor I like is the three stooges. They’re old, but still really, really funny. Especially when they pick on each other while forgetting the main task at hand, oh wait that’s right, it happens all the time. The thing is, I watched the newest movie of the three stooges, it’s good, but it’s not as good as the originals. The first person to write these types of humor or satire is Mark Twain. At first I didn’t even know the guy, but after I learned who he was, and what he did, he was an interesting and important dude. One of his most memorable books was the adventures of Huckleberry Finn. I haven’t read yet but I will pretty soon. I hope it’s a good book, and I hope I find the jokes funny. Here’s some stuff I didn’t know about Mark Twain. His original name was Samuel Langhorne Clemens. Also, he is one child out of six other children. Finally, That’s what I now know about Mark Twain and his use of humor and satire in a story.

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Vertigo Review

This was the most confusing movie I have ever seen in my life. There so many plot twist that it got me dizzy mentally. I saw them coming its just thinking about the plot twists fitting in to the actual plot hurts my head. Also, I think Scotty is an idiot. Especially when he tried to solve this mystery with his condition, “Vertigo”. If I was him I would’ve said, “sorry, but I am incapable of doing the task you want.” Because if I didn’t, then what happened in the movie is what would’ve happened. Also, There were so many times in the movie where “Madeline” could’ve seen Scotty, but she didn’t react. Either Scotty’s the 1950’s urban ninja, or she’s just really, REALLY blind. Another thing about this movie that I absolutely hated was the ending. First off, That’s how it ends!? Second off, That was the most stupidest way that Judy died, and how stupid scotty looks when he’s looking at Judy’s body. Also, I have to admit, at first I thought it was the Grim Reaper that appeared in the bell tower, but instead it’s a nun. But after all this hatred, there is still some good aspects from this movie. The use of colors and patterns are a good aspect of mood and plot development. Especially when They use the green light to show Judy when she looks like madeline. It makes her look like a ghost that came back to life. Also when scotty has the dream where “carllotta” Curses him with that weird dream. The different colors and patterns were so good that it almost made me disoriented. My favorite plot twist was when we realize that we never even met Madeline, but instead we thought Madeline was Judy. In conclusion, those were my favorite/most hated parts about Vertigo.

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