Benjamin Franklin Experiment

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It was interesting trying to understand Franklin’s Virtues. Most of them were common sense, except for Chasity. It didn’t make sense at all. Anyway, In this experiment, I had to apply his virtues to my life and see how it goes. For one thing, I did pretty well with most of his virtues, Industry and resolution were the ones that I had the most trouble with. Other than that, it was pretty easy following his virtues. My partner for the Presentation, he was decent as well, but knowing him, he didn’t follow some virtues like Industry, Resolution, and one of the new virtues that we made. That one virtue that we made that he mistreated was taking things for granted. In today’s society we take a lot of things for granted, like our food, clean water, Shelter, freedom. Although they might be granted for each day, we still remember them and what it took to gain those things. Back to what we were talking about, Everyone in my class followed at least one virtue during this experiment. But I tried to follow every virtue that Franklin had up his sleeve, but in the end, I still managed to let one or two of his virtues slip out of my hands. Well lets face it, everybody is getting lazier every year. With that in affect, pretty soon it will be impossible to do any of his virtues. But we can overcome this, all that it takes is a little effort and once you start getting work done, you already have one of Franklin’s virtues done. And the virtue is resolution. Resolution is when you have work to do and it is best if you get it done as soon as possible. Another way of saying it is, “Just do it.” Doing this experiment did not only change my way of seeing work, but it also changed the way of how life should be done.

New Years Resolutions – School version

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My school year so far has been decent so far. In the first quarter I got good grades. This quarter, It was rocky at first, but its starting to even out now. These next few months are going to be interesting. The fact is that it’s drama season, and it’s going to be busy. So I’m going to try my best to keep good grades while I do tech in drama. I don’t want to change anything in school, but I want to improve. I want to improve on time management. When I get homework I should get it done as soon as possible so I can spend the rest of my time doing my own stuff.  Some things that might prevent me from doing this would be my phone, my 3ds, or my Xbox. But I will try my best to ignore that stuff to get my work done. The reason why I want to change this is because, I’ve had some close calls before, so i’m trying to change that. Also, during drama season I need to get my homework done. If I don’t, my grades would be bad and if I am ineligible to do the play, I’m going to be scared for life. That’s why I want to keep my good grades. I can do this by doing my homework in study hall or it’s the first thing I do when I get home. Other than that, I would improve on a lot of things, but there not school related things. For the rest of this year, I want to strive to do the best I can before my senior year of high school. Finally, that is my New year’s Resolution for school and what I want to improve for this year in school as well.