No more poetry

Over the course of making poems and learning all about poetry. Its about time we stop, but we have another assignment up our sleeve. It just never ends! My perception of poetry still stand, I don’t know why people waste their time making a poem unless your in school or college. Even in this vision, I somewhat see a poem differently than I used too. I see the allusions, similes, and reasoning behind the whole story. Now when I look at a poem that a famous author wrote, I see the reason why he/she made the story in the first place. But the one thing I wish was added to the poem, pictures. If pictures are in poem, they would make the story much better to understand. Between my two versions of my poem, there more or less the same. I think I did a great job making a poem first try. But there is room for improvement, for most people. Anyway, the only thing to make my story better would be to add some pictures to get a better idea of my story. For example, the title of my poem is called, “The legend of the Heavy Black knight”. I called him “heavy” because I wanted him to look clumsy, because he doesn’t see his problem til the end of the story, even though the problem was right in front of him. So if I were to put a picture of a knight with a bunch of question marks around him, it would be solid gold. I read my one friends poem and he put a picture at the end of his poem, it made the biggest “Here you go” image I have ever seen in my life. Still a great story, but I think it has too much passion. If pictures were added to a poem, it would make the story

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much better.