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As you go further and further into the story of Huckleberry Finn, you will notice that something about Huck is changing in story. When the story progresses, Huck progressively begins to mature. Earlier in the story, Huck pulls a prank on Jim by throwing a dead rattlesnake at him, but it back fires by Jim getting bitten by another rattlesnake. Huck, instead of admitting his joke, got rid of the evidence. This was a childish move on his part. Another thing that Huck did that was a little childish was when he almost turned in Jim, because for a moment he thought it was the right thing to do. There were also decisions that were just like, wait WHAT?? For example, Huck’s definition of borrowing. This sounds like the the most stupidest excuse for stealing I have ever heard. But later in the story, Huck begins to think differently and starts to act more mature-like. For example, Huck redeems himself for the prank he did earlier. He does he prank anyway, but this time, instead of getting rid of the evidence, he apologizes to Jim and Jim accepts his apology. After that moment, the relationship between Jim and Huck would be much stronger now that Jim can trust him. Even though he might stray from the main goal (Getting Jim free) from time to time, he handles problems more efficiently than before. Another thing that made Huck appear more mature was when he helped Mary Jane, one of the girls who was having all their possessions taken away from the duke, escape the house. He helps her escape by telling her to stay at a friends house. Even though this will be difficult for Huck, this makes him mature the fact that he has to rescue two people from an unfortunate fate. From these events, I think Huck has changed a lot during the story.

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Humor is one of my favorite things on this earth. From silly-physical humor to dark-psychological humor, I will like the humor, if it’s good that is. My example of humor is a YouTube clip called, “George Bush on Global Warming”, and this clip is making fun of liberals. The point of what this clip is trying to say is that liberals can never be trusted and that they might lie and all that good stuff. Another type of humor I like is from Jeff Dunham. Yeah sure, he’s a ventriloquist, but he’s really funny. He makes jokes about himself, has some fourth wall breaks (sometimes), and when he goes on a tour at certain places he’ll joke about the environment and ethnicity in that area. It’s a little dark, depending on were the location is, but it’s still pretty comical. One type of physical humor I like is the three stooges. They’re old, but still really, really funny. Especially when they pick on each other while forgetting the main task at hand, oh wait that’s right, it happens all the time. The thing is, I watched the newest movie of the three stooges, it’s good, but it’s not as good as the originals. The first person to write these types of humor or satire is Mark Twain. At first I didn’t even know the guy, but after I learned who he was, and what he did, he was an interesting and important dude. One of his most memorable books was the adventures of Huckleberry Finn. I haven’t read yet but I will pretty soon. I hope it’s a good book, and I hope I find the jokes funny. Here’s some stuff I didn’t know about Mark Twain. His original name was Samuel Langhorne Clemens. Also, he is one child out of six other children. Finally, That’s what I now know about Mark Twain and his use of humor and satire in a story.

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Vertigo Review

This was the most confusing movie I have ever seen in my life. There so many plot twist that it got me dizzy mentally. I saw them coming its just thinking about the plot twists fitting in to the actual plot hurts my head. Also, I think Scotty is an idiot. Especially when he tried to solve this mystery with his condition, “Vertigo”. If I was him I would’ve said, “sorry, but I am incapable of doing the task you want.” Because if I didn’t, then what happened in the movie is what would’ve happened. Also, There were so many times in the movie where “Madeline” could’ve seen Scotty, but she didn’t react. Either Scotty’s the 1950’s urban ninja, or she’s just really, REALLY blind. Another thing about this movie that I absolutely hated was the ending. First off, That’s how it ends!? Second off, That was the most stupidest way that Judy died, and how stupid scotty looks when he’s looking at Judy’s body. Also, I have to admit, at first I thought it was the Grim Reaper that appeared in the bell tower, but instead it’s a nun. But after all this hatred, there is still some good aspects from this movie. The use of colors and patterns are a good aspect of mood and plot development. Especially when They use the green light to show Judy when she looks like madeline. It makes her look like a ghost that came back to life. Also when scotty has the dream where “carllotta” Curses him with that weird dream. The different colors and patterns were so good that it almost made me disoriented. My favorite plot twist was when we realize that we never even met Madeline, but instead we thought Madeline was Judy. In conclusion, those were my favorite/most hated parts about Vertigo.

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Argument Topics

Out of all the topics I had, I chose Border security as the topic to debate over and for many reasons. It is the one with the most information I can use, and it is relevant to this day. The main reason the government is shut down is so that Trump can increase border security by putting up a wall. He is also sending, thousands of troops to patrol the area. Would it be “OK”  if the troops patrolled the area without the wall? Anyway, I’m glad Mr. Burrell ,the school librarian, showed us how to make it easier to find information at a fast rate. With the one website he showed us, Issues and Controversies, I was able to quickly find articles about border security and the wall. There’s a whole debate about the construction of the U.S./Mexico border wall. Logically, I would say that building a wall would be a big benefit to U.S. security, border security in particular. Ethically, I would say, “Not building the wall would be like an arsonist is outside your house and you have the chance to quickly build a wall, but you don’t and your house catches on fire.” Emotionally, I would ask, “Would you feel safe if I told you approximately 50 illegal immigrants smuggle drugs and weapons each year? How long would it be until they run into you?” When I present this argument to the class, they should care, because this affects our lives. When it’s either now or then, it’s going to affect us. All I’m saying is would you fell safe when you’re protected or when your out in the open where you feel insecure. Finally, I think the topic I chose will be a good topic because it is relevant and there’s a lot of info to back it up.

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Benjamin Franklin Experiment

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It was interesting trying to understand Franklin’s Virtues. Most of them were common sense, except for Chasity. It didn’t make sense at all. Anyway, In this experiment, I had to apply his virtues to my life and see how it goes. For one thing, I did pretty well with most of his virtues, Industry and resolution were the ones that I had the most trouble with. Other than that, it was pretty easy following his virtues. My partner for the Presentation, he was decent as well, but knowing him, he didn’t follow some virtues like Industry, Resolution, and one of the new virtues that we made. That one virtue that we made that he mistreated was taking things for granted. In today’s society we take a lot of things for granted, like our food, clean water, Shelter, freedom. Although they might be granted for each day, we still remember them and what it took to gain those things. Back to what we were talking about, Everyone in my class followed at least one virtue during this experiment. But I tried to follow every virtue that Franklin had up his sleeve, but in the end, I still managed to let one or two of his virtues slip out of my hands. Well lets face it, everybody is getting lazier every year. With that in affect, pretty soon it will be impossible to do any of his virtues. But we can overcome this, all that it takes is a little effort and once you start getting work done, you already have one of Franklin’s virtues done. And the virtue is resolution. Resolution is when you have work to do and it is best if you get it done as soon as possible. Another way of saying it is, “Just do it.” Doing this experiment did not only change my way of seeing work, but it also changed the way of how life should be done.

New Years Resolutions – School version

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My school year so far has been decent so far. In the first quarter I got good grades. This quarter, It was rocky at first, but its starting to even out now. These next few months are going to be interesting. The fact is that it’s drama season, and it’s going to be busy. So I’m going to try my best to keep good grades while I do tech in drama. I don’t want to change anything in school, but I want to improve. I want to improve on time management. When I get homework I should get it done as soon as possible so I can spend the rest of my time doing my own stuff.  Some things that might prevent me from doing this would be my phone, my 3ds, or my Xbox. But I will try my best to ignore that stuff to get my work done. The reason why I want to change this is because, I’ve had some close calls before, so i’m trying to change that. Also, during drama season I need to get my homework done. If I don’t, my grades would be bad and if I am ineligible to do the play, I’m going to be scared for life. That’s why I want to keep my good grades. I can do this by doing my homework in study hall or it’s the first thing I do when I get home. Other than that, I would improve on a lot of things, but there not school related things. For the rest of this year, I want to strive to do the best I can before my senior year of high school. Finally, that is my New year’s Resolution for school and what I want to improve for this year in school as well.

No more poetry

Over the course of making poems and learning all about poetry. Its about time we stop, but we have another assignment up our sleeve. It just never ends! My perception of poetry still stand, I don’t know why people waste their time making a poem unless your in school or college. Even in this vision, I somewhat see a poem differently than I used too. I see the allusions, similes, and reasoning behind the whole story. Now when I look at a poem that a famous author wrote, I see the reason why he/she made the story in the first place. But the one thing I wish was added to the poem, pictures. If pictures are in poem, they would make the story much better to understand. Between my two versions of my poem, there more or less the same. I think I did a great job making a poem first try. But there is room for improvement, for most people. Anyway, the only thing to make my story better would be to add some pictures to get a better idea of my story. For example, the title of my poem is called, “The legend of the Heavy Black knight”. I called him “heavy” because I wanted him to look clumsy, because he doesn’t see his problem til the end of the story, even though the problem was right in front of him. So if I were to put a picture of a knight with a bunch of question marks around him, it would be solid gold. I read my one friends poem and he put a picture at the end of his poem, it made the biggest “Here you go” image I have ever seen in my life. Still a great story, but I think it has too much passion. If pictures were added to a poem, it would make the story

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much better.

The Aftermath of Poetry

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After going through this chapter of literature, I still think poetry is pretty useless. It’s just a story, but you have to think about it more. Even while reading the story of Eldorado. Sure its easy to read, but it took a little bit to understand what the theme and purpose was for the story. In this story it’s not necessarily a lesson, but you find out what happens to the main characters. The interesting part was when I made my own story. Wait something interesting in poetry for once? Oh my god! Anyway, my poem was about a knight that took the most shortcuts possible to complete his quest. In the end, he didn’t get what he wanted and left the kingdom. The theme of my story was that there are no shortcuts in life. That was the hard part in making my poem, just to find a theme. The easy part on the other hand, was rhyming the lines. If I couldn’t figure out how to rhyme a certain word, I just search it on google. It’s 2018 people, It’s not that hard! But then, there was the peer review. That was an adventure of its own. I peer reviewed someone’s poem, who I won’t specify, and… it was a poem I hadn’t seen before. Back in my poem, the only thing I thought was a problem was how long my poem was. It’s two pages long and half of it were conversations. If I was able to make the story shorter, I would change it. Even thought this chapter is boring, I still had a lot of fun making my own poem. And I think other people liked making their poems too. Finally, the only thing I have to worry about in this chapter is this blog and the test.


Making a story and reading one

It was quite the adventure trying to improve my story. First mistake I made with my story, I had my dialogue all messed up. Once that was fixed, my story looked a lot better. I personally like my story, because it’s different. This is my first “Complete” story I have made. I also didn’t realize how many pages I made. This story is like 5 1/2 pages long. The first page just goes through the first day. The rest of the story is an investigation to find out what Rachael’s secret is. In the end, she tries to escape, but is finally caught. I think it’s an interesting story, one that I have never made before. One of the trickiest parts was trying to come up with a name. Originally the name of my story was going to be “Stitches for Witches”. Then I realized that name sounded like a rock and roll band, so I changed it to “Wicked”.

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Now the story I am currently reading is “Lone Wolf”. It’s a story about how a wolf with a weird paw survives. This wolf is rejected from his own wolf pack because they wanted a “pure” blood line. So as “punishment”, they cast the wolf out into a raging river to die. But the young wolf survived and fends for himself in the frost-bitten forest. Even though he is lucky to survive in the raging river, he is afraid of the dangerous forest. He was alone and felt like a bigger predator was watching his every move. But luckily for him he made some friends. He became friends with a bear. I was shocked by this, because  I thought the bear would just leave him, or eat him, but I guess that works. That’s how far in the story I am. This is between the first quarter and the middle of the story. Still a lot of reading ahead, but I want to see how it ends.

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My Short-Story

My Story is about a guy named Logan McAdams and his girlfriend Rachael Smith. The story takes place in Boston, Massachusetts, during 1692. That’s when the witchcraft trials took place. In this story, Logan just left from the welder’s shop, and is coming home. As he entered the home, he hung up his belongings. He was about to grab wood from the shed for the welding shop the next day, but then he saw an odd looking stick in the wood pile, but he put it back as soon as Rachael came out of the house. The next day he was grabbing his hat for work, but then he saw a weird hat in the very back, then Rachael said “Have a good day.” as she was slightly nudging him out the door. As Logan was working, he knew something wasn’t right. So he had to make a decision. but the path he chose he knew, there’s no turning back. He returned home with butterflies in his stomach. So then he saw that the coast was clear, he found Rachael’s diary, it read, “Logan is such a trust-worthy guy, I hope it stays that way if my secret stayed safe.” Then Logan’s curiosity spiked. As he turned the page he read, “At least he’s not like the other 5 chatterboxes that came my way”. As soon as he closed the book, “Well, Well, Well, just can’t get your hands out of other people’s business”.  That’s all I have for the story but it will be finished. I chose this setting because My main plot was for a unstable, happy, but unstable couple to be brought to new levels. Since the punishment for being a “witch” was so severe, I wanted to make a character be on the verge of death, but survive. Then, later I thought, “How ironic would it be if Rachael was a witch instead of some grumpy woman”. And I love that idea, so I applied that idea to the story. I think with the changes I made to the story, this will be a great story.


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