Blog 16

I think that a government that governs least is the best way to run a country, I do not suppose stripping the entire government away but a lot of it. The government should be there to enforce the law on criminals who wish to harm other citizens. The citizens should be able to chose what they do for work, where they live, how they live, etc without government intervention unless that said person has done harm on another human being. The individual citizen should be created equally, and if anyone from any social group commits a crime they should be punished to keep the equality, but keep the laws to a minimum so people are allowed to choose what they want to do. With regulations of course, just on obvious atrocities like murder, or any other form of harming someones body or identity. A government that would command your respect would be a monarchy or a dictatorship because they are often corrupt rulers. A monarch or a dictator would want you to see them as a godly figure and that in itself is demanding your respect, and that is not the way to go for a government. A government should have respect going both ways. You respect the laws and the government will respect your lifestyle whatever it is. Most protests these days do not really hit the mark like they used to, they aren’t really about the same kind of important subjects that Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. were protesting for. They were protesting for rights for their people, and nowadays we have people on both sides of the political spectrum protesting gas prices in yellow vests. What is more important? The price of gas or the rights of an entire race? And the big difference is that these protests turned violent over not being heard when Gandhi and King were never heard for years yet they never turned violent so protests have certainly changed. At the end of the day the protests in France are taking a step back to the days of the French Revolution and that is certainly ineffective. If Gandhi and King can do this without hurting anyone then they can get their word across that they aren’t being heard a different way. Besides they are just hurting their fellow man in the process.

Blog 15

To this day I can still not pronounce Transcendentalism, but that doesn’t hold me back from trying to understand what it means. The question is am I really understanding the concept of Transcendentalism the way it should be? After reading Thoreau’s excerpts I can conclude that Emerson and him are very similar thinking men. They both believe that people should not conform to what the general public is doing and be there own person, and they both believe that the true way to gain happiness is in nature. The first part of Thoreau’s excerpt titled “Where I lived and what I lived for” explains where he lived in his life. He explains how he used to live in a house and would browse properties always using his imagination as if he would own all of the properties around where he lived. Then he decided that he would get more out of life if he left his life behind and went to live in the woods. He believed he’d be able to see life more clearly if he would get closer to where life began. “The conclusion” is the second part of the excerpt and explains what he had learned from his experience of living in the woods. The main idea of the conclusion is to explain about how wealth does not determine your happiness and that it doesn’t matter to obtain a healthy soul. The benefits of leaving society for Thoreau is that he no longer has to worry about being an unhealthy man and doesn’t have to worry about anyone’s social status. He can just allow himself to be one with nature and use the experience to learn. The things that I would miss are showers, air condition, wifi, and everything in between. Assuming I am doing away with my cellphone as well I would miss the ability to play music on my own whim. In all honesty I could not do it because like my entire generation I am accustomed to the technology that surrounds my life and if it were gone I would go insane. A modern reader should see that you should not rely on your technology even if it is useful. You should allow yourself to see nature for what it is even if it is just on occasion.

Blog 14

I will probably not think on these arguing techniques for a very long time, nor will I use them while arguing with friends. Mostly because I dislike to argue with people. I do not care for it, but I do understand it a lot more now. And for doing an argument in a class like this again I will definitely keep this in mind and maybe even go back and check the notes we took in class. During an argument between peers I will not put much thought into it because that’s just the way that I am. Making a fool of myself is much more important than being good at an argument I suppose. Or maybe I will keep this in mind and I won’t even notice it. Maybe I’ll stop name calling in an argument because I’ll remember it to be Ad Hominem. I’ll look upon my friends arguments and notice when they say something stupid MORE OFTEN. It’ll be great, i can point out how their arguments are invalid now. And maybe they won’t remember anything and I can knowingly spit out fallacies at them. So many possibilities. Bu will these possibilities be executed? Maybe. With adults i am more serious so then my mindset will be different and I will be willing to point out their fallacies in their arguments because there is something good about proving someone who is older than you wrong. Sure it will ruin their self worth because some high school student knew what Hasty Generalization was. Developing a valid argument is actually a lot more difficult than I thought and that’s why so many people just end up calling the other side an “idiot”, a “tool”, or something more unpleasant. You don’t put much thought into how much preparation is needed and you don’t thing of how important that really is. After you get your sources, you could be well off or you could have gotten bad sources and you’ll have to try to do some more research while you’re supposed to be forming the argument. Or maybe you’re topic is just not as well known so the sources are barren.

Blog 13- Con: Animal Testing

The debate topic that I received was Animal testing, and the

side that I had gotten was con. This is not my personal position on the topic because I just think it would be better to test an animal rather a human. Although this assignment may change my mind after I research more into the topic. I know that animals are being tested for certain medicines or other products that involve chemicals because it is not safe to test on a human being. The idea is that if an animal is harmed it is better than harming a human. People are against this because they consider it animal abuse, yes I can agree that doing this is immoral, but do we have any other alternative methods? I am not sure. I suppose that’s what the research will tell me. Most websites that come up when I search animal testing is sites that are against it. Which will inevitably work in my favor because I am against animal testing for the debate. For an ethical approach of the topic I will say the statistics of how many animals are harmed/killed because of the experiments. A logical approach I may use is saying how there are “replacements” to animal testing and go into detail about that. Although the replacement for animals may still involve the killing of animals for their cells, but they are also thinking of using human tissue. Presumably, tissue that would be voluntarily given to better science. For an emotional approach I will ask questions about if it is morally okay to harm animals in the process of making products. And how would they feel if it were their pets in the shoes of the animals who were being tested on. Or how would they feel if they were the ones who were being these lab rats. I have learned more about animal testing while I have been just researching for this blog and it is safe to say that even if we don’t like it. Somethings will have to involve the use of animals in testing things, but if there was a possibility for them to eliminate the use of animal tests then I would be all for it.

Blog 12

The current issue I am thinking about is the Death Penalty. The question would be: Should the death penalty be taken away? My stance on the subject would be that we keep the death penalty depending on the crime someone commits. I think this because someone who is willing to either kill or rape someone should not be able to live in a civilized society like America. The two sides would be keeping the death penalty or completely getting rid of it. The main argument of the side against the death penalty is that life is sacred and we should not be able to take someones life even if they took someone else’s life. The side for the death penalty would say that people who are willing to commit a horrid crime then they are too much trouble to feed and keep alive in a prison. We should just take them from the world and rid it of their toxic actions.

My school has been going pretty well, I have been getting good grades like I always have. But i could definitely pay more attention in class and I could definitely try more. Although I feel like the act of trying is definitely more difficult than watching with glazed eyes and looking at the notes the night before. To go about this I need to just clear my mind and pay more attention in class instead of messing around with my friends. I would have to focus on reading and doing homework instead of waiting until the end of the quarter to do my IR. Don’t worry Mcgarry I just started my first book. You should be proud of me (or not). Something I can do this week is read everyday trying to finish my IR book, I just need to take a little time out of my day and read a little and I can go on and put that same vigor to my other classed. Then I will have extra good grades (yes I just said extra good grades. Don’t tell me that’s not a good way to say it.) I would have to say playing games all day is the biggest factor in preventing me from reading, and well, forgetting to read.

Blog 11

Temperance: I have not been overeating as of late. I have not broken this virtue all week actually. For some odd reason I have not been getting the urge to eat as much as I do. I usually eat when I am bored and now I only have been eating for my core meals of the day. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

Silence: I was babbling on about my problems in the beginning of this exercise and I never really stopped. I decided to try to stop, but when something is bothering me I let people know that. I’d rather get it out then let it bother me.

Order: My room has been a mess and I have not been scheduling my work very well.

Resolution: I find this virtue really difficult because there is no way for any human to do everything perfectly. I put half the work in most of the time and I still get good grades.

Frugality: I do not like to waste money, I bought a game I played once but I do plan on playing it later.

Industry: I have been breaking this one all week. All i’ve been doing is playing video games and watching youtube/tv.

Justice: I try my hardest to not sully someones appearance even if I do not like them or am angry at them. I would not like if someone would talk about me so I try hard to not break this. I always talk the nicest about someone I can even if they have wronged me.

Moderation: I don’t blow up over petty disputes, but ones that important hit me.

Cleanliness: I have been keeping up with my hygiene and daily cleaning schedule.

Tranquility: I have broken this a few times this week, but recently I am starting to not be bothered by things that just seem to happen.

Chastity: I have not broken this.

Humility: I try to help people even if I am hurting too. I have been getting bad at helping people lately, but I am thinking I will get my average advice back soon.

Gratefulness: i always remember my manners. I am grateful for the things I have even if I don’t always show it.

Individualism: I may always go for people for advice, but I make the decisions myself.

Acceptance: I accept that people make bad decisions and I am willing to forgive them for that.

Humans all have flaws and doing an experiment like this may help you improve yourself, but no one can complete

every one of these every day of the year.



blog 10

My first impression of Dodo’s conundrum was something of pride, I actually sort of maybe understand what the poem is about. I know I probably got the theme wrong, but I do understand what the stanza forms were meant for. The first part of the poem it starts out talking about model trains and that reminded me of something that Mr. Mcgarry said during class about a poem about model trains meaning something different so that clicked inside my head it helped me understand the poem more. I thought that the theme was perspective, but I’m sure that it is something deeper than that. I’m keeping my answer because I think I’m pretty close and I cannot really put my finger on it. I didn’t really find most of the poem confusing besides the theme, but that’s only because I normally have trouble finding the theme of different works. Due to me writing my own poetry I have a better understanding of sound and sense so it made it much easier discovering different parts of the poem. Although, I am still no means a master of poetry. I do have a better understanding than before I wrote my own works. It was a hands on way to teach it and I like that, and I feel like it worked pretty well. I had experience with writing my own poetry learning about different ways to add rhyme schemes and what I could do with different stanzas. I learned that there has to be a reason for free verse. Listening to what Joe and William say about it during journalism was a big help because they actually know what they are doing with poetry and when I hear what they are saying it helps me get a better understanding of what I am reading. Will told me about a poem they were thinking about with Fire and Ice that reminded me of what Dodo’s conundrum did. Ice was going to be stanza

and fire was going to be free verse. It reminded me that it isn’t just free verse for giggles or anything.

Blog 9

Before I actually wrote my own poems with actual elements of poetry, I didn’t really like poetry. Now I like it a lot more because I understand it more. Although I cannot analyse poetry for my life, I think I can write a pretty average poem. It’s a big step up from under average poetry I’d say. I now can look at a poem and think more about the elements than I have before. The thing is that I really didn’t know about any of this “pentameter” stuff, so it’s definitely a step up than before. My approach changed on my second poem because I had more experience since I had just written a poem. My new understanding of poetry is that you should not use ducks and monkeys to describe your classmates, I feel like there are so many different ways to explain how they are loud. I chose the most foolish one. So i decided to write a poem about what all of us short guys are thinking: being short sucks. So I wrote that poem and I like it a lot more. The second poem is an exaggeration of what should happen with short people. I wrote that we should rule the society because we are the only ones that can, which is completely false. The poem is obviously written to feel better about my height. It’s even in the title. I’d like to think the world that would come out of my poem would involve short people only having tall people have one job. They would be shelve reachers. A way to add imagery into a poem is by many different literary devices. Such as a simile to describe something from something else. Or maybe personification to make you imagine this object. The words we use during the poem conjures up the main image of the poem, you want to make your reader imagine a certain something. Maybe you want them to imagine a field or a forest. The way you write the syllables in your poem and pretty much everything that makes up the poem produces the sound, image, and rhythm.

Blog 8: Poetry

Poetry is interesting in many ways. it has hidden meanings behind everything and is a place for depressed people to show their feelings. The problem is I am not depressed so the poems I write are not interesting in any ways. If I was sad right now about something maybe I’d write a good poem, but like is pretty good right now. I thought that Eldorado was a pretty good poem, it shows how you can be searching something your whole life and end up not finding it. For some people like Poe this could be love. I find this very deep because it mirrors his life, he always was disappointed by woman. I find this very interesting to look into someones feelings and how they react to events in their lives in their poetry. Whenever we analyse anything during class, i feel like my eyes are being opened and I am seeing the truth for the first time. It all makes sense after I hear what other people say in class. My poem is about my 11th period class, every day I dread going there because there is one person in particular who makes it so loud. During some work days, William, Raely, and I are allowed to go to the library so it is all fine after that. While I am in the classroom, that is another story. I describe how the sounds of this person and their friends digs into my minds and makes me go crazy. It doesn’t actually make me go “crazy” per say, but I am very annoyed throughout the whole time. They make me sound like a mute, and that is very bad. Like I described during the poem, all of my classmates get so loud and rowdy that they become like animals in a zoo. History is probably my favorite class, but not this year just because of the people I am surrounded by. Luckily I have a few friends in the class to buffer them. I feel like the poem is all hyperbole of the situation but hey that’s okay. That’s poetry.

Armada Blog

I really enjoyed Armada, I felt myself actually wanting to read it. Which is unusual for me. I liked it so much because of Zack and Lex’s relationship, the idea of an AI giving humanity a test, and Zack finally meeting his father after 18 years.

Zack and Lex’s relationship felt real and it was a great part of the book. Unlike Ernest Cline’s previous book he didn’t fall in love with this girl, it was a breath of fresh air because it felt real. It started with them casually flirting. With Zack sometimes being awkward like he really should be. He’s a nerd who plays video games all day, he wouldn’t be able to just whisk her off her feet. He had to work for it. It made for an amusing bit while they were meeting, he eventually got her to like him and they started to work together during the story. Lex had a relatively small part showing up when it was convenient, like her hacking something to move the plot along but I thought her role was necessary. It makes sense to me that teenagers or really anyone would find someone like them in a world ending scenario like this. Zack never scared her off or had rash feelings like Wade did in Ready Player One, it just felt like a large step up from the relationship from Ready Player One. It was a background story but I found myself rooting for Zack when he finally was able to actually go on a date with her.

The entire time ,during Armada, you are under the impression that the enemies are some race of aliens who pilot drones and are trying to destroy earth’s civilization for no apparent reason. It turns out that there was a pretty big reason. It was funny to me to think that after Nixon saw a swastika on Europa that he would immediately panic and fire off a nuclear missile at some moon he knew nothing about. To turn out to be some AI that was testing the human civilization for a bigger purpose was a great way to end the book. Looking back there are so many things foreshadowing this. AI was one of the things that Zack was thinking the aliens could possibly be but he never really confirms he actually truly thinks this. He always sticks with some sort of species of alien. The drones flying like they were video game AI was another foreshadowing that makes the book even better looking back. Xavier’s theories on how the aliens were testing humanity was a great way to install this, you already know he was right about the EDA being real so you have no reason to deny his theories. It turned out being right which showed how Xavier seemed to always be in the right.

Zack had always dreamed of his father somehow being alive, and that turned out to be true. I loved the part when he finds out his father is alive because it showed a lot about Zack’s character. He acted like a hurt little boy and it seemed like he was, he was a boy who just wanted to know his father. He was bullied for having a father who died in a “shit factory” but turns out his father was helping save the world. When Zack met Xavier, it was a great moment because he was speechless. Who would really know what to say in a situation like this, then his silence became anger and it perfectly depicted his character. He is just a hurt boy who never knew his father and he hated him for it. Then he started to learn to love his father to only have him taken from him. He developed into a new person, he had gotten closure about his father and he just wanted to keep him around. He thought he may have him around for a long time after he survived his kamikaze run, but it seemed like Xavier had a death wish. Now he was fatherless again but he didn’t react like last time. No, he was a more mature person now. He was no longer that little boy who just wanted to meet his father who everyone told him was dead for so many years. Having Zack meet his father was a great decision by Cline and made the book so much better.

I really enjoyed reading Armada, it’s whole plot grabbed me into the world. I liked it so much because of Zack and Lex’s relationship, the whole idea of the AI being the real mastermind behind the attacks on earth, and how Zack was able to meet his father for the first time.